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What have you learned from a psychology degree - Essay Example

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First,that I must confirm,I have learnt how to deal with stress management and work life balance then there are the perspectives of learning the skills of continuing professional development which includes skills like essay writing,effective reading and note taking,critical thinking,taking part in research,accessing library information…
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What have you learned from a psychology degree
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Download file to see previous pages In a general sense what I have learnt from basic degree of Psychology could be enumerated as an abstract of identifying oneself through the knowledge of development and application. First, that I must confirm, I have learnt how to deal with stress management and work life balance then there are the perspectives of learning the skills of continuing professional development which includes skills like essay writing, effective reading and note taking, critical thinking, taking part in research, accessing library information, using computers and online resources. In a selective sense it could be mentioned that in the preliminary stages I learnt the historical background of Psychology along with inter-relationships with other disciplines like Cognitive psychology and individual and group differences. Statistics in Psychological Research also proved to be a very useful tool for psychological determination. Here hypothesis testing, probability, significance testing, confidence intervals and effect sizes, experimental design, inferential statistics techniques and Correlation and measures of association are topics that are worth learning for future practice in the profession utility. Moreover, other departments like developmental psychology, physiological and biological development, development of thinking, intelligence and morals, process of learning, methods of interaction of individuals, research issues, methods and ethics also proved to be of substantial help.
Alongside, other topics that helped me a lot in the context of my future prospects as a professional could be determined by the inclusion of psychological research methods, reliability and validity of research, ethics, consent and confidentiality and designing, conducting and interpreting experiments.
But it should always be mentioned that the most enjoyable part of the study were the basic applications of psychology where I have learnt different fields of psychology, including clinical, educational, forensic, occupational, health and sport.
The role of individual differences was another enjoyable part. Here I learnt along with the historical perspective the alternative or contemporary approaches to understanding individual differences along with understanding personality and intelligence with psychometric testing. There was also suggestive learning on race, gender, sexuality and disability which was one very interesting study. Another extremely interesting topic that would be really helpful in future is the study of Neuropsychology.
All these studies were really very fascinating, interesting and attention grabbing and I can blissfully state that these learning would help me attain my goal in near future.

How will it help you in Psychiatry practice as a physician

A degree in psychology is not and cannot be regarded as only an academic course that could be considered as a qualification that opens the opportunity as a wholesome profit making trade. A degree in psychology is an opportunity of wonderful extent that helps one to learn more about people and their position in the surrounding world. A degree in psychology is that opportunity that provides with that needed skill and potential knowledge that will help you in your day-to-day life because a degree in psychology is the means of understanding people and clarifying their confusion in day to day practice with relative ease.
This is because it is the interaction involved in this profession that helps you to be in and around the vicinity of people with difficulties that you can solve with your understanding and knowledge. This profession and a degree in psychology paves way to the opportunity where you can develop a greater insight into the way people behave in different situations - helping you get the best out of them.
It should also be remembered that Psychology is regarded as the study of human behavior and mental processes. It aims to understand how people think and what they do - as well as gaining an understanding of their deeper ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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