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The Negative Effect of Listening to Music While Learning - Essay Example

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The main focus of this research study is to probe and analyze via deep scrutiny the contingency of the negative implications on learners with the divergent conduct of listening to background music while studying. …
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The Negative Effect of Listening to Music While Learning
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"The Negative Effect of Listening to Music While Learning"

Download file to see previous pages This essay approves that according to the aforementioned hypothetical testing, descriptive analysis, and statistical analysis, the presumptuous response would indicate that music had an impact on learners and that learner’s focus and concentration was negatively affected as a result of having music on the learning background. However, these results are based on recognition of various assumptions. First, the study has an assumption that genre of music on the background of the learners of the study does not vary and that learners are exposed to the music on the same amount of time. The research also presumes that learners are restricted from external distractors such as hooting of vehicles and so forth. Lastly, the research also presumes that gender and age of the participants do not impair with the results obtained.
This report makes a conclusion that if the aforementioned hypothesis would be accepted and supported, the field of psychology would deduce the implications of music on learning. Researchers can hence advance the study by performing similar tests in different settings to prove or rectify few aspects. Learners can use the research to selectively choose the type of genres to select as their background study music in case they have to listen to music when studying. The proposal concludes that music has adverse effects on learners and hence students should evade such conduct if their core objective is to maximize their time, improve their grades and ultimately excel in their exams. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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