Critical Incident Analysis - Case Study Example

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In my previous placement in the mental health unit, I was assigned a patient, Jane. Her actual name, identity, and demographic details will remain undisclosed for reasons of confidentiality, and in this assignment, her pseudonym Jane will be used…
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Critical Incident Analysis Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages This incident is critical in my opinion and interesting since this did not involve the patient. This incident was related to the patient, but involved her mother. In this assignment, I will perform a critical incident analysis of the incident that I am going to record briefly below.

Jane was admitted here with a diagnosis of endogenous depression with suicidal attempt. She cut her wrists the day she was admitted here into this unit. Jane was complaining that her mother was too overpowering, and she was not able to live up to her satisfaction in any possible areas. This could have generated a sense of hopelessness and worthlessness, anxiety, nervousness, loss of sleep and appetite in her, and she was just not able to cope up with this stress. She was admitted after being treated in the emergency room for psychiatric stabilization. Jane was catching up, and I was able to build up a therapeutic relationship with her, and pharmacotherapy was observed to take its effect. She was advised pain medications when necessary. Since she was on antidepressant medications, the physician advised the nursing staff to hold pain medications as long as possible.

It was afternoon on Sunday; I was posted in the nursing station on duty. Suddenly, I saw Jane's mother approaching the nursing station. She was looking very angry and aggressive. I smiled at her, and ignoring my smile, she started yelling at me. She was obviously verbally abusive. She was using words that were sarcastic, coercive, and blaming, and I understood, these were being used with the intent to hurt me. Of course, she was attempting to get my attention and wanted me to take some action. She stated that the nurses "don't care", are "lazy", and "should work harder". She also demanded that someone give her daughter the analgesic. She was not ready to listen to my side of the story. She was really much stressed.
Stress plays a very important role in the physical and psychological status of human beings and is one of the most complex concepts in health and nursing. It is difficult to define and is a nonspecific response of an organism to any demand placed up on it. When these demands are of extreme nature, at least from the suffering person's perspectives, it would produce a state of heightened physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural arousal. Moreover, traumatic events of any magnitude can create both psychological and physiological threats that tend to disturb the person's interaction with the environment and life outcomes (Duxbury, 1999, 107-114).
Any critical incident is stressful, and critical incidents can happen as a result of stress. When I am going to do a critical incident analysis, it is important to define a critical incident. A critical incident can be defined as any sudden and unexpected event that has an emotional impact, which can be sufficient to overwhelm the usual, effective, and sufficient coping skills of any individual or a group that causes a psychological distress in the usually healthy persons around or involved in the incident (Boudreaux and McCabe, 2000, 1095-1097). In case of Jane's mother, Jane's complaint of pain and no pain medication given in response to it threatened to overwhelm her ability to cope, and it produced an inordinately strong emotional, cognitive, and behavioural reactions in her. Theoretically, factors that can influence a person's response to an extraordinary situation includes a history of psychological impairment, personal values, the manner in which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Incident Analysis Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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