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Aviation Aircraft Accident American Airline Flight 2253 Boeing 757-200, N668AA - Case Study Example

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The paper analyses the case of the Jackson Airport Hole, which is an adverse case of a plane accident that has been associated with a human and technological error. Though the accident has been deemed as that could be remotely controlled, technological failure is factors that must be considered…
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Aviation Aircraft Accident American Airline Flight 2253 Boeing 757-200, N668AA
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Extract of sample "Aviation Aircraft Accident American Airline Flight 2253 Boeing 757-200, N668AA"

Download file to see previous pages The due course of action to pursue in such cases heavily relies upon the pilot’s capability to react on time. As a result, the Independent Safety Board Act was iteratively referenced to provide for future similar incidence and improve on the existing laws. The board recommended instantaneous action to be taken with regard to such system failure. Technological failure was the major variable determined as the core cause in addition to adverse failure by the pilots in charge. The December 29th incident was a special of its kind since there were no casualties. Consequently, the plane was slightly damaged. There have been several questions regarding the happening. Could there be a possibility of failure by the Captain? Could this be as a result of improper supervision of the flight? The technical report has been produced by Safety Board from its critical investigation of the event from an expert point of view. During the process of the investigation, several determinants were established as the possible cause of the accident. This paper covers human, management, machine, medium and mission factors with a detailed analysis of the human factor. About 70-80 percent of aviation accidents occur as a result of human error (Wiegmann, 2000). Though the process has been established to identify and try to solve this menace, the effectiveness of an individual at the time of an accident cannot always be measured accurately. After da detailed investigation of the December 29th incident, it was established that intermittent actions by the crew were the cause of the accident. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aviation Aircraft Accident American Airline Flight 2253 Boeing Case Study.
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