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Airline Accidents: Those Responsible and Those Entitled to Compensation - Essay Example

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Airline accident is also known as aviation accident. Airline accidents refer to occurrences that are associated with aircrafts operations and take place between the time persons board the aircraft with the purpose of flight and the moment all such people have disembarked. …
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Airline Accidents: Those Responsible and Those Entitled to Compensation
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Download file to see previous pages Air travel is one of the fastest and safest means of transportation in the world. In fact, the number of accidents and deaths caused in the aviation industry is much lower than the number in other major means of transport, such as road transport. It is an important means of transport as it enables people and cargo reach destination much faster and easier considering that some other means of transport may be limited by factors that affect their accessibility to certain destinations. However, even though it is considered the safest, it is also considered to cause more fatalities in an event of accident compared to other means of transport. According to statistics by Aircraft Crashes Record Office (ACRO), a Geneva-based organization that compiles statistics relating to Airline accidents, the statistics on accidents is not as bad but there is need to improve safety and reduce accidents. It is worth noting that over the years, the number of airline accidents have been reducing gradually, with year 2009 and 2010 registering fewer accidents (Aircraft Crashes Record Office {ACRO}). This discussion is based upon these facts; it will discuss airline accidents, those responsible, and those entitled to compensation in an event of accidents. ...
This discussion is based upon these facts; it will discuss airline accidents, those responsible, and those entitled to compensation in an event of accidents. In nearly if not all cases, those in flight and particularly the pilots and cabin crew intend and ensure that the possibility of airline accident to occur is non-existent. However, sometimes accidents occur due to various factors some of which can be attributed to the aircraft, the pilots or to external circumstances, such as bad weather. Overall, in an event of accident there must be some people or factors responsible for it. Therefore, who is legally responsible for airline accidents? The responsibility of airline accident varies depending on the accident’s cause(s). The manufacturer or maintenance suppliers may be liable in some circumstances. In addition, the operator or the owner of the aircraft might be liable. Moreover, the aviation agencies may be held responsible for airline accidents. Airline accident can be caused by human error or negligence. As such, the accident’s responsibility lies with the operator or the owner of the aircraft. For instance, investigation concluded that Captain Van Zanten mainly caused the Tenerife accident because he took off without the clearance to takeoff. The investigation suggested that captain's mistake was because he wanted to leave quickly in order to comply with duty-time regulations of KLM (Air Accidents). In such a case, the responsibility lies squarely with the owner or the operator of the aircraft because the accident is caused by their failure to adhere to aviation industry safety regulation (Dismukes, Berman & Loukopoulos 3). In addition, maintenance suppliers or manufacturer may be liable for accident; the aircraft might ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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