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The current paper seeks to critique Michela’s (2007) research on employee reactions to the way their supervisors exhibit influence behaviors. In so doing, this paper touches on the many aspects of Michela’s (2007) research and tackling them by part to give an in-depth assessment of the way the processes of the study have been taken up…
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Peer-reviewed Journal Article Critique
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Download file to see previous pages All about the Research’s Issue The main issue that has been specified in the study is determining the mechanics that work between supervisors’ and/or managers’ influence behaviours to that of the employees that work under them. Given that there are many factors that could be taken in this setup in matters of employee reaction, the research has made it a point to cover the different possibilities that may be drawn as results toward the conclusion of the study. In this aspect, the current paper assesses that the researcher Michela (2007) has laid out the naming of the issue substantially. He started with the general idea to which he gave out what the study is mainly concerned with. Then he initially laid out possibilities (as per the different employee reactions and what affects them) which showed a clear path for research and what course it follows. This is considered a good introduction by this current paper since the researcher gives it in concise form yet filled with the necessary details. Furthermore, Michela (2007) transitions in identifying why the current issue is tackled in the first place. This leads him to discuss both the source and the significance of the issue. In this part of the discussion, the researcher enumerates, and then elaborates on factors that have something to do with his research topic. Firstly, he touches on how influencing behaviours are categorised. Given the nature of his research, he angles this part towards the leader-over-follower influence mechanism. The influence factor is explored in the situational case by taking one example; how does a supervisor or a manager appeal to a subordinate if he/she wants that employee to accomplish something or not. In turn, the term tactics is discussed to elaborate in what ways the workplace higher ups could influence those working under their supervision. Around this part, examples are cited by the researcher in order to give a clearer picture on influential schemes. Secondly, the aspect of generating consequences—which still had to do with tactics—is also discussed. However, this area differs in a way that it pinpoints how the influence of a higher ranking official in the company affects aspects like employee stisfaction and their commitment to their jobs (Michela, 2007, 324). The way that these factors affects employee reactions depend on how the managers or supervisors makes use of their influence over their subordinates. Thirdly, the researcher then discusses what consequences could be solicited from the way employees respond to the influential attempts of the higher ups’. In so doing, Michela (2007) yet again gave examples to illustrate what he means in this particular section. These examples are then explained thoroughly and elaborately. Lastly, how to assess the meaning in influential behaviours are also discussed by the researcher. Similar to how he discussed the other aspects in influential behaviour mechanism, this portion was also substantiated by examples, elaborations, and proper citing of previous works that delved on the topic or those that had similar context. By discussing all these data, the topic was more contextualised and put in perspective. In this part of introducing the issue, the current paper generally views the laying out of information as mostly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my text. "Peer-reviewed Journal Article Critique" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of closing part was valuable.

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