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Influence of Classical and Human Relations Approaches in Management Today - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Influence of Classical and Human Relations Approaches in Management Today" discusses that the effectiveness of the classical management approaches and human relations approaches should be considered by the organizations in order to enhance organizational management practices…
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Influence of Classical and Human Relations Approaches in Management Today
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Extract of sample "Influence of Classical and Human Relations Approaches in Management Today"

Download file to see previous pages Classical and human relation approaches have great impact on the management of the organization in this contemporary global business environment (Lukes, 1974, p.102). Organizations generally focus on these approaches in order to maintain sustainable business practices and effective business output (Barak, 2010, p.98). On the other hand, effective human relation and classical approaches help an organization to develop an effective relationship between the employees and employers, which is important for good and profitable business performances (Law, 1991, p.29). Earlier, the employers used to only focus on effective business performance and positive business output. The organizational leaders were hardly bothered about employee motivation and employee job satisfaction (Campbell, 2007, p.91). But, growth of competition in the global business environment and introduction of strict business regulations forced the organizational as well as industry leaders to consider employee welfare and employee motivation in business operation process (Draft, 2008, p.16). Human relations approach generally focused on value, needs, welfare and motivation of employees. On the other hand, the classical theory approach focuses on the development and implementation of valuable strategies to enhance effective organizational business operation (Gitman and McDonald, 2008, p.9). Major objective of this report is to analyze the impact of these approaches on the management of the organizations in this contemporary world. This essay is fundamentally based on history and background of management theory that lead to the introduction of human relation and classical approaches. Several examples and cases have been considered in the latter part of the study in order to provide a clear picture of the impact on today’s management of the organizations. Several theories and related studies have been considered to meet the objective of the study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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