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Importance of Administration - Essay Example

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The administration's effective management processes and its strict maintenance of ethical standards lead to the future success of any business entity. Those big and modern organizations rose these years were the main justifications on the efficiency of the approaches an administration used in its daily operations.
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Importance of Administration
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Extract of sample "Importance of Administration"

The administration's effective management processes and its strict maintenance of ethical standards lead to the future success of any business entity. Those big and modern organizations rose these years were the main justifications on the efficiency of the approaches an administration used in its daily operations.
In the first place, administration's management processes account much the success of any business. Fayol and other theorists suggested basic managerial functions such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. If managers will perform these properly, the possibility of the success of any business affair is high. According to Richard Daft, planning is the making and setting of attainable goals. These goals can be attained by performing excellent series of activities. And before they can set any activity in its actual performance, they must first breakdown the activity into different manageable tasks. They may use an appropriate project planning tool in order to study and manage the activity critically. In addition, in organizing, the managers will develop the structure of organization, acquire and train human resources and establish communication patterns and networks to provide a better working atmosphere. If they see that the present structure is not efficient enough, they must conduct a skillful study to make it more suitable for all employees. It is impossible to do the activity without highly skilled workers; that is why they need to acquire people and train them. In giving also the assigned tasks to the workers, managers see to it that the given tasks are appropriate to their capability. Further, the managers lead their workers; influence them to use their full potentials. Finally, as the activity is going on, they must see to it that the status of both the activity and workers' performance are targeting their goals and they make corrections as needed. Hence, managers must always assess the progress of the activity, they will make sure that what is planned and organized were all taken place in the latter operations.
In the second place, even administration do a lot of change of its various approaches to compete in the midst of the new economy, the classical approaches on management that emerged during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to some extent are still used by managers even today. Though modern approaches seem to be most suitable in business operations these years, the scientific management that was pioneered by some important people in the history of management like Frederick W. Taylor, Henry Gantt, Harrington Emerson and the like; and the administrative theory, that was again contributed by Henry Fayol and other theorists were still great helps in business operations. For instance, Gantt chart by Henry Gantt is still used as an effective project planning tool. Hence, the birth of the classical management brought out the modern approaches most businesses used today.
Lastly, supervision of ethics in the workplace is a very important mission of the manager too. Jerry Anderson gave a dictionary definition of ethics, he mentioned that this is the system or code of human conduct, with the emphasis on the determination of what is right and wrong. Giving ethics programs in the workplace cultivate strong teamwork and productivity. This will rise to openness of the employees to each other and to their manager. This will influence employees to perform whole-heartedly in their respective assignments. Hence if both manager and employees show openness and integrity to each other particularly in the workplace, cooperation will finally takes its place that may lead to the achievement of the organization's goals. Likewise, the maintenance of the administration's high ethical standards in the business entity prevents violations that may tear down the good relation that was created between the organization, the people and the government. Nevertheless, it's not new to us to hear news about graft and corruption in the federal government and financial world, or companies not withholding the right income to misinform the government so that they can pay fewer amounts of taxes. So what should be the right thing to do by the management Is it their fault Hence, government action and intervention, public concern and outcry, and stakeholder pressure are forcing the management to conduct another evaluation to conform whether they are still working according to their ethical policies and behavior. Surveys revealed that those successful companies in the long term are those companies that maintain their ethical standards.
Thus, the administration's management processes and their abidance with their ethical standards will sustain them to achieve theirs goal or achieved something even beyond their expectations.
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Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, Authenticity Consulting, LLC. (Copyright 1997-2008). Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers. Retrieved March 25, 2008, from Read More
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Importance of Administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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