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This essay stresses that a disciplinary procedure should be maintained in relation to the termination of employees. In case of an employee who is been terminated without any such procedure or due to any form of negligence, strict actions should be taken against the personnel…
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Employee Relations
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Employee Relations
Question 1
A discipline procedure should be maintained in relation to termination of employees. In case of an employee who is been terminated without any such procedure or due to any form of negligence, strict actions should be taken against the personnel. The HR department should undertake the responsibility to address the issue related to termination of an employee without discipline procedure. First of all an apology letter should be send to the employee who has been terminated. Along with that necessary negotiations should be made so that the employee feels comfortable in joining the system. On the other hand, an open discussion should be done with the employee so as to justify the reasons behind one’s termination without following any such discipline procedure.
Question 2
Unfair labor practices denote all those approaches incorporated in a workplace that is not aligned with overall hard work of employees. Such practices encompass pay cuts, retrenchment operations, elimination of two way communication methods, discrimination amongst employees, sexual harassment, no such provision for rewards or appraisals, etc. Labor practices are considered to be unfair when employees are deprived off their basic rights. There are such incidents witnessed in PAC Resources Inc., as employees were facing pay cuts, job losses, and even some of the team members were being sexually harassed. In order to overcome such issues, senior management should design an open discussion forum where employees belonging to any department may put across their issues related to various labor practices (Gusdorf, 2011). This in turn will help to reduce such practices and incorporate possible alternatives.
Question 3
Unionization should always be prevented from becoming a vital component of an organization. In context of PAC Resources, Inc., unionization needs to be eliminated from the system as this is initiating more conflicts between management and employees. This factor can be discouraged by providing employees with such a medium through which they can easily interact with HR department or even senior management. It can be stated that social media has become a common tool for establishing such interactions between individuals. This platform can be incorporated in PAC by designing a community in such networking sites. Employees can effectively put across their allegations in these sites. Apart from this technique, an open discussion platform will discourage such unionization. Through this forum on weekly basis employees can directly interact with top management in order to discuss about their problems or suggest any idea which can facilitate improvement.
Question 4
Employee involvement teams were one of the best approaches that were implemented in PAC Resources, Inc. However it needs to be controlled effectively as managers and other staff members were becoming disobedient after formation of such teams. There is a need for proper training program for employee involvement teams so that they are aware about their respective duties and limitations. This team should not be disbanded as it gives a sense of ownership to employees. It enables employees to contribute their innovative ideas which are essential for overall productivity and success of the organization. This even serves as a medium to communicate with management directly and discourages any need for intermediary.
Gusdorf, M. L. (2011). PAC resources, Inc: a case study in HR practices. Retrieved from: . Read More
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