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  In this research paper dealing with one of the pillars, which is the pillar of pleasant life. We are going to learn some best ways we can make our selves happy, by achieving the positive emotions such as pleasure, comfort, and warmth among others…
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Modern Day Positive Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages The roots of modern day positive psychology began from the work of Martin Seligman, who was optimistic in his efforts to understand depression in a positive way. Having had enough experience in the field of psychology, Martin Seligman declared that psychology was not just the study of weaknesses and damage, but it would also study strengths and virtues and as a result, help in preventing and treating depressed patients. Also, he said that treatment was not just fixing what was already broken; but was also to be used to nurture what’s best within ourselves (“Strengths-Based Clinical Supervision Primer,” n.d.) Positive psychology, therefore, looks at what goes right in life. There are three basic positive psychology pillars and they are also the components of happiness as stated by Martin Seligman (Ward, 2006). These are a pleasant life, the good life, and meaningful life. ...
Thus the pleasant life entails subjective well being (positive emotions and mood). The good life is achieved when one is able to discover his or her unique virtues and strengths and employ them creatively to enhance life, such as technology (Pursuit of happiness, 2013). Research has shown that we can obtain more pleasure from routines of daily life and this is by training ourselves to notice, reflect, and appreciate simple things. This kind of psychology increases the factors associated with happiness and authentic life. Activity My Ideal day is on Saturday, since when I get to relax after a long week full of hustles of life. For me, every Saturday is very convenient because I am able to do a number of things apart from school work. Additionally, I like spending time with friends and family and this is possible on Saturdays. This day is ideal for me as I usually get time to interact with family and friends, to catch up on the latest events happening in my life and the lives of others around me. Partly, my Saturdays are spent watching movies with family and friends and this gives us time to bond more and more. Live your ideal day Every Saturday, I wake up at around eight in the morning, which is unlike the other days when am going to school. I take my breakfast, which is normally heavier than usual because I have time to cook what I want unlike during school days. After having my breakfast, I usually embark on doing a general cleaning around my house, as am not able to perform any significant chores during the course of the week. When am done with the house chores, my clothes are usually the next project. I clean them and make sure they are ready for the week ahead.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modern Day Positive Psychology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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