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Intro to Psychology Thought (7 topics) - Research Paper Example

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Psychology Thought Paper Sensory Adaption The term sensory adaption is used to refer to the method through which human body adapts and becomes comfortable with the impact of particular stimuli after being in contact with the stimuli for a certain period of time…
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Intro to Psychology Thought (7 topics)

Download file to see previous pages... For example: a major example of sensory adaption is that way an individual’s body becomes comfortable with the temperature or the weather. When human body comes in contact with hot water, the first experience is unpleasant and the body may experience a burning sensation, but as the body continues to be in contact with hot water, the body becomes comfortable with the temperature of the water. Memory Memory is a component of human body that comprises of three process including encoding, storage and retrieval. Encoding takes place when an individual processes information into his/her memory. For example: Remembering what was taught in class lectures due to access concentration towards the lecture defines the process of encoding. Information is then stored in three types of memory in three stages. Class lecture is stored first in the sensory memory though the sense of hearing. The lecture is then transferred to the short term memory with the assistance of process of rehearsing and in this stage human beings generate meaning of the information obtained. The lecture learned is then transferred to the long term memory where the stored lecture is recalled by students when they give exams or respond to instructor’s questions. ...
For example: An individual may be hypnotized and made to believe that he/she may have conducted a murder in his/her life. The individual accepts that he/she may have conducted a murder and may go at lengths to prove that he/she may have killed somebody. Or the individual may try to refrain from stimulus that may be unpleasantly attached with the memory. For example: the individual may panic on the voice of police sirens as he/she may fear that the police is there to arrest them for a murder that may have not actually taken place. REM Behavior Disorder REM Behavior Disorder is even recognized as REM sleep behavior disorder and is characterized by the agitated movements conducted by the subject during sleep during the sleep phase called REM (Pastorino 132). For example: People tend to kick or shuffle in the bed during sleep, they even tend to walk during their sleep, these agitated movements during sleep occur as a consequence of a particular dream. These movements can be both harmful to the sleeper as well as any other person around him/her. David McClelland's Need for Affiliation David McClelland devised a need based theory which has been quite helpful in understanding why are people driven to operate in a particular manner. One of these needs identified by the theorists was an individual’s need for affiliation. This means that certain all individuals are motivated to conduct certain behaviors in order to gain affiliation with other individuals or a group of individuals. For example: Since childhood I have experienced a need to be associated with those who represent the high income earning group and due to this I have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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