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There are several substances which are abused in different capacities by people in attempt to achieve various luxuries. Most of these substances are addictive and once you start using them, it may need a lot of stress to overcome…
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Drug Profile Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Stimulants These are drugs that make a person feel more alert and they occur naturally in many plants. Example is caffeine found in tea, coffee and chocolate which are readily available in plants and people consume them almost every day. Continuous use of these substances causes high risk of addiction which is hard to overcome. Stimulants affects a person decision making abilities thus affecting reasoning and this makes a person portray some weird behaviors in his actions. This is due to what the medics say the poisoning of the frontal cortex which results into the production of decision making deficits (Dingfelder, 2011). This makes the addicts become bad gamblers since they always make a person make a bad bet in most of the choices. The stimulants also makes a person performs poorly in the task due to making decisions slowly and making wrong decisions most often. Stimulants are used both individually and clinically for therapeutic purposes for treatment by medical practitioners whenever deemed necessary thus they also have some beneficial effects to humans. They can be used to counteract lethargy and fatigue throughout the day while at work and this makes those who do a lot of energy consuming tasks like sportsmen like them. They are also proven to reduce sleepiness and make a person awake when necessary and thus can be helpful in reducing sleepiness by medical practitioners. Since they can be used to reduce appetite and this enhances weight loss, they can be helpful in reducing obesity in individuals. Cocaine is the one of the most common stimulant used by humans toady even though it’s illegal to use it without doctor’s prescription. ...
Caffeine is also found naturally occurring in the leaves of coffee, tea and cocoa and it’s include in most of the soft drinks and some energy drinks. Withdrawal side effects include restlessness, hallucination and lack of sleep with more serious withdrawal symptoms including body tremors, seizures, blood pressure and increased heart rate (Mayo Clinic staff, 2013). To overcome addictions, a person should attend treatment programs designed by specialist to the end. An addict can also opt to attend a counseling session by a psychologist or a psychiatrist so that he or she can be helped to overcome temptations. Depressants These are substances that slow down the normal functioning of the brain by inhibiting the central nervous system thus lowering the functioning of the body systems when abused. They are the most widely used drugs and their symptoms include drowsiness, relaxation, decreased inhabitation, anesthesia, sleep and coma hence the user is always docile and inactive. Depressant are quite opposite to stimulants because whereas stimulants increase the mental functioning, the depressants lower the mental functioning of the body system. The most common types of depressants include alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabis and opioids with all of them being very addictive when used. They are used medically to relieve anxiety and insomnia and are also used for recreational purposes to boost mood and induce euphoria therefore, a lot of people find comfort in its use. The prolonged used of depressants can result into addiction, impaired sexual function, chronic sleep problems and respiratory problems which can sometimes lead to death if left unchecked. Alcohol is the second most widely used drug in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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