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Many young people are addicted to drugs. The effects of drugs are highlighted in the public domain. Unfortunately, the message does not get home. In many countries, drugs are prohibited. In Canada, the war on drugs was met with…
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Should drugs be legalized
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Download file to see previous pages The congress in Canada set up a commission of enquiry to look into the issues that had been raised by the public and the lawyers. Many recommendations were made. To date, those recommendations are yet to be implemented. They have asked the question several times, ‘Should drugs be legalized?’ Before this question is answered, here is background information about substance abuse.
Substance abuse is the use of mind controlling harmful drugs and other activity enhancing substances that are not approved for use by any qualified professional medical practitioner. These substances include alcohol, narcotics, cannabis, glue types, stimulants, sedatives, and hallucinogens. Some of these substances are abused against the regulations of bodies such as FIFA. Activity enhancing drugs have been banned from their use in sporting activities. The focus of this article is on the narcotics, such as cannabis, methamphetamine, opium, heroin, and cocaine. Substance abuse means the same as drug abuse. This is because of the dependency effect of the drugs that cause the users to become drug addicts. In a bid to curb drug trafficking and drug abuse, the Drug Enforcement Agency in the United States was formed. Many issues have been raised on whether this business should be made legal since the war on drugs seems a long road without success. Gore Vidal of The New York Times and William Bennett have opinions on this topic that form the basis of this discussion.
Should drugs be legalized? Gore Vidal in his article “Drugs: Case for Legalizing Marijuana,” gives the opinion that the substance abuse in the United States can be a thing of the past if only all drugs are made available but at a high cost. All drugs available should have a clear, accurate, and well-labeled description of the effects of the substance use. According to this writer, the bill of rights in the United States was paramount. Every citizen of the United ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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