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Introduction to psychology - Essay Example

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Introduction to psychology Title of article: International perspectives on workplace bullying among nurses: a review Author: S.L. Johnson Workplace bullying can be classified into horizontal and lateral violence. This subject has attracted attention worldwide and has become an area of major concern as it affects employees psychologically, therefore affecting their performance in the workplace…
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Introduction to psychology
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Download file to see previous pages Presently, there is a shortage in the number of nurses and such situations only worsen the problem at hand. As mentioned above, the customer services are worsened which will negatively influence the prognosis of the patients. Evidence has also been carried out in several countries showing the situation is an international problem. The article also emphasizes on the fact that bullying is an act performed by either a single individual or a group of individuals; however, the system that exists can act as a catalyst to the process. The article explores bullying in the nursing workplace and attempts to shed more light on the matter. In this article the audiences are the nurses, and the authors aim to show that bullying in the workplace can occur in any form of occupation including nursing. Creating awareness of the situation in the system can lead to the implementation of new strategies that reduce the chances of bullying occurring. There are numerous aspects of bullying that are illustrated in the article; these include the definition of bullying in the workplace, the manifestations of bullying, the consequences of bullying, and the solutions for the problem. The article defines bullying as an event which involves an individual receiving repeated abuse. It is difficult to formulate a single definition for workplace bullying; however, the article does a good job in separating bullying from simple daily conflict. The article identifies bullying behaviors as subtle and difficult to recognize, which is one of the reasons why bullying has continued to manifest among the nursing workforce. In essence bullying in the workplace is different to that in the outside world as it includes events such as threatening of professional status, accusations, persistent criticism and intimidation. The workplace is a small restricted environment, which gives bullies easy access to spreading rumors. These are all points which are illustrated in the paper. The paper is based on events that occur in the nursing workplace and emphasizes on environmental factors associated with bullying. The article looks at the factors that can be manipulated in the working environment that allow one individual to bully the other. Such factors include unreasonable workload, excessive monitoring and unrealistic deadlines and expectations. The article also illustrates on the fact that bullying has been widely underestimated and it attributes this error to the fact that it is difficult to measure bullying and there are several cases that are not reported or simply not followed up. The article also comments on the fact that very little research has been carried out on bullying among nurses. It further describes the consequences that arise from bullying which include health effects, worker attrition, social effects and the extent to which bullying affects the patients. The theoretical method involved in the article was a non experimental literature review, which involved the analysis of electronic databases such as EBSCO, CINAHL, ProQuest and PubMed. The study also analyzed other articles outside the nursing literature. The article was based on expert opinion obtained from the above mentioned databases. The article concluded that a great deal of research is required in this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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