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Development Psychology-Midterm - Assignment Example

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Running head: Development Psychology-Midterm Development Psychology-Midterm Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 12 September 2012 The child is undergoing the phase of autonomy versus shame and doubt at the age of three years in which he tries to do things on his own or in his own way…
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Development Psychology-Midterm
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Download file to see previous pages If the child is criticized then he will grow up with self doubt while if the child is supported or allowed to make some minor decisions he will grow up full of confidence (Rathus, 2010). At this stage the child is growing in body size and has began walking or is crawling at the same time talking. He is making several physical movements by walking from one place to the other trying to do something as he shouts and make noise. Socially he tries to interact with people but is still afraid of strangers, so he only mingles with strangers in the presence of his parents. There is an urge in the child to explore new things, move to unfamiliar places and learn new things (King & Maholmes, 2012). Child development is a function of many parameters including family structure, cultural factors as well as the socio-economic status of the family. The child under discussion is equally affected by these factors as he grows through the development processes. The family structure can be described as nuclear family where the child resides with both parents and other siblings. This means that the child’s life is limited by the nature of people who interact with him because it is only on occasional basis that the child mingles with other people. The child spends most of the time in the family compound and is rarely allowed to go out. In accordance with the culture, the child is not allowed to intermingle with strangers as it could bring a bad omen. This restricts the child’s interaction and play with other children. The family is not economically well-off and their status in the family can be ranked as ordinary. Therefore, they only manage to satisfy the basic needs of the child and could ignore other important aspects like child growth and welfare (Lerner, 2006). The child’s development can be perceived through the lens of several theorists who endeavor to explain the process of child development. Several theorists have advanced diverse thought regarding child development where majority of these processes involve stages of growth. As a result, child development is governed by numerous conjectures that describe the process of transformation from childhood to adulthood. As noted, one of the characteristic features of child development premises is stages of growth. Children develop through different stages whereby each stage represents a certain age group. Each stage informs the subsequent stage whereby there is no stage that is more important than the other. A successful child development process therefore is one that ensures that the child effectively passes through each stage. The overall development of a child is directly related on how successful the child is in overcoming the challenges of each stage (King & Maholmes, 2012). The child’s development can be described differently in accordance to the various theorists on the subject and their premises. The most relevant theory is that of Erik Erikson who considered the process as governed by several stages that are founded on social parameters of evolution. As a result, the child is undergoing the stage of independence versus shame and doubt in which he endeavors to do things his own way and make certain decisions on his own. According to Erikson, if the child is supported in his quest for autonomy he will become more confident in his future and incase he is discouraged and criticized he will develop low self esteem (Rathus, 2010).. Piaget’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Development Psychology-Midterm Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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