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On the other hand Vygotsky’s theory is also known as cultural-historical psychology. According Piaget, development of child is a process that progresses by stages. Vygotsky stresses on…
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Assignment Assignment D3: Education – Child Psychology and Development Explain how Piagetand Vygotsky’s theories complement one another. How do they differ?
Piaget’s theory of cognitive development has been termed as developmental stage theory. On the other hand Vygotsky’s theory is also known as cultural-historical psychology. According Piaget, development of child is a process that progresses by stages. Vygotsky stresses on the emotional and social aspects of child’s development as related to his/her surroundings and also cultural and/or historical heritage. Piaget’s theory helps to understand the physical activities and aspects involved in the child development process. Vygotsky’s views help to explain the child’s social interactions and emotional tendencies. If these views are put together, a more comprehensive perspective of child development can be obtained. (Berk)
The underlying perceptions of these theories are technically different; and even contradicting to some extent. Piaget’s point is that the child’s learning and mental capabilities are fundamentally not inferior to that of the adults. The child’s learning is actually activity and observation based. But Vygotsky’s theory gives more prominence to the psychosocial aspects of child development. The emphasis on cognitive capabilities of a child can also be explained by genetic claims and calls for assistance from a capable teacher to help the child learn.
2. How can you utilize adult-child conversations to promote a preschooler’s language development?
The adult is more knowledgeable, experienced, and physically capable than the child. In the early stages of child development, assistance from the adult can be pivotal. Although self learning and activity based training processes are essential to achieve wholesome development, the importance of guidance by an adult can be considered as the basis of both preschool and Kindergarten levels of education and training. (Berk, 2-3)
In the course of maturing the child’s tendencies and attempts toward developing a firmer grip on language (be that the child’s mother tongue or some other language), what the adult can do to help the child has been termed as “scaffolding” by many experts (e.g. Plumert and Whitehead, 523). Making the child aware of the different aspects of a language not possible unless all the four basic language capabilities are supported, which are writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills. Since developmental psychologists like Vygotsky put emphasis on the cognitive aspects of a child’s mental development, adult-child conversations can be regarded as an excellent tool to develop the child’s language skills during his/her pre-school days. This the primary stage of the child’s education and psychosocial development, where good understanding of language would help the child to follow instructions and effectively communicate.
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