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Compare And Contrast The Models Of The Person Implied By The Experimental And Existential Approaches. Explaining Your Reasons, Say Which of These You Consider To Be the More Accurate" Table of Contents Introduction 3 Existentialism 3 Experimental Approach 5 Models of the Person Implied By the Experimental and Existential Approaches 6 Comparison between Experimental and Existential Approach 7 Criticisms of Experimental and Existential Approach 9 Accuracy of Experimental and Existential Approach 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction From the perspective of human psychology, the concepts of experimental and existential are considered as ‘oxymoronic’…
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Compare and contrast the models of the person implied by the experimental and existential approaches
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Download file to see previous pages Experimental psychologists undertake severe research approaches to reasonably simple occurrences, typically with the aim of learning most elementary characteristics of human behaviour. On the other hand, existential psychologists wonder about the human conflict with very intellectual interrogations regarding the characteristics of survival and significance of life. These thoughts are usually considered far too complex and inflexible to be effectively addressed by scientific approach. The discussion will cover the two approaches from broad perspective. The objective is to compare and contrast the models of the person implied by the experimental and existential approaches and understand the most accurate one (Greenberg & et. al., 2004). Existentialism Existentialism is a subject of philosophy which describes the human state of affairs in its totality. It is usually believed to be the logical and social drive, which grasps the fact that beginning point of philosophical assumption must be distinct. Existential philosophy is believed to be embedded in ‘Freudian Psychodynamics’ because it discovers the motivational outcomes of human conflicts. In other words, existential psychology tries to clarify how normal human beings come to know about the fundamental truths of life with which people must struggle. Existentialism started during 19th century and it became widespread during the Second World War (Zelta & et. al., 2010). Existentialism is affected by a range of subjects such as religion, psychology and literature among other disciplines. Existentialists usually regard conventional structure which is quite intellectual in nature and isolated from real human experience. Thus, the opinions of existentialist theorists are extremely dissimilar from other theorists. The central thought of existentialism is that human presence heralds in ‘essence’. Therefore, human beings by their individual perception develop their own standards and express the significance of life. Several existentialists believe that human awareness can constitute a counterfeit existence (MacMillan, 2009). Existential approach is concerned with recognising people’s place in the world, with the explanation of significance of existence. It is also committed to discovering existence with sympathetic approach, rather than assertive one. The aim of existential approach is to search the truth from open mind viewpoint. This approach considers that human characteristics are liberal and flexible. There are no crucial solid identity and no particular description of one’s behaviour and aptitudes. Existential philosophers ignore restrictive models of the person which classify or tag individuals. Instead they try to find the universals which can be perceived transculturally. There is no existential behaviour model which divides humankind; instead there is an explanation of different levels of knowledge and existence which people are unavoidably confronted with in life (New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, 2012). Existentialism thinking believes a person should develop his/her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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