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The Gap Between Scientific and Clinical Practices - Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Gap Between Scientific and Clinical Practices" describes that one cannot ignore the scientific practitioner model as long as the scientific and clinical practices fully support each other with empirical and practical data and information. …
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The Gap Between Scientific and Clinical Practices
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Download file to see previous pages These ways should position the psychological practitioner as a scientist involved in legitimate epistemic authority. In the study ‘Scientist-Practitioner Model: A Critical Examination’, Ian John (1998) found that the developments in science studies and sociology of scientific knowledge suggested the more intelligible way of explicating the way in which the psychological practice is rendered. He, however, emphasized the need for epistemic authority for psychologists to reduce the gap between scientist and practitioner and to find the origin for the practices observed by clinical practitioners (Ian John, 1998).
While considering the gap between psychology practitioner and scientist, the demand for trained personnel for applied psychological work needs emphasis. This recognizes both the need and responsibilities. According to David B, Baker the need for clinical psychologists came to fore after World War II. (David B. Baker, 2000).
However, the need for clinical psychologists came to fore after World War II, the training and internship for clinical psychologists date back to 1897 and 1908 respectively. According to Routh (1994) J.A.Wallace Wallin, one of the co-founders of the American Association of Clinical Psychologists got his clinical psychology degree from Yale University. His complaint about the lack of assistance he faced in university authorities reveals the need for a systematic and organized system to produce clinical psychologists at that time. After that in 1926, Morton Prince a Boston Neurologist believed that psychology is a liberal art than medicine and again this is a narrow understanding of science. How can an art cure the impairments through therapies and techniques? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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