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Responses to the Post of Students about Psychology of Employees - Essay Example

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The paper contains the responses to the post of student Brandon Burton who makes an important point in saying that by teaching employees the emotional side of prejudice, it may be easier to convince them to act on the basis of intellectual argument, and other students.  …
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Responses to the Post of Students about Psychology of Employees
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Extract of sample "Responses to the Post of Students about Psychology of Employees"

Download file to see previous pages In other words, the desire for emotional transformation should precede the intellectual instruction; without the change of heart preceding the instruction, however, the prejudice remains. This is unfortunate because most people who are prejudiced know that they are, and have strong desires to nurture and feed this emotion, in the name of conviction or righteous principle. In such cases, intellectual arguments have little effect. I find it doubtful, however, that managers will be able to correctly predict employee behavior sans prejudice, in the same way, that teachers can accurately assess student performance (Jussim & Haber, 2005). I believe that managers and employees act in a more intimate way than do teachers and students. In fact, managers’ own performance assessments are tied in with their subordinates’ performance, because of the principle of “command responsibility.” Therefore, managers become subjectively involved with their subordinates’ behavior, and when the latter goes badly, the manager tends to become frustrated and impatient with the employee. When a student fails, the teacher gives him an ”F” and he repeats the course. When an employee fails, the manager is expected to correct it because failure is not an option. That is why I believe managers may tend to less accurate and more subjective in assessing employees’ performance. Response to the post of Student 2: Christopher Gilbert Christopher’s post raises interesting and provocative questions about the usefulness of secondary emotions as a tool to advance diversity and inclusion. The implications are that casting members of the outgroup in a more humane context (i.e., humanizing the outgroup) aids in expanding the ingroup to include those formerly perceived as members of the outgroup (Leyens, et al., 2000). The question is how far diversity efforts should be pursued and where the line should be drawn: “If an employee has a child, who I have grown to know and care about because of my secondary emotions, and that child happens to be sick one day, should I excuse the employee’s absence to take care of the child?           ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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