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Homosexuality - Essay Example

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In today’s world, the issue of the rights of homosexuals plays a decidedly significant role in the struggle for liberty against the oppression of minority groups. …
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Download file to see previous pages... This can be found in everyday stereotypes about them, most of which depict them in a negative way (American Psychological Association, 2008). The question of whether being homosexual is something that one grows to learn and acquire with time is one of the reasons people find it easy or hard to support homosexuality. As such, when people are convinced that someone is born homosexual as opposed to acquiring those traits in life, they are likely to be more tolerant of their lifestyle. However, to the public, especially in the conservative quarters, acquired homosexual tendencies are harder to accept and significantly easier to oppose. This paper will try to examine and demonstrate that being homosexual is more to do with nature than nurture and some of the pros and cons of the bringing up of twins, one of them being homosexual and another one heterosexual. Using an analogy of twin girls, one of whom becomes a lesbian, the paper will demonstrate that homosexuality can indeed occur naturally and that such people are born a result of nature and not nurture.
Take the hypothetical case of two twin girls. Both are born in the same household and by the same parents. They are brought up in an almost identical environment. They eat the same food, watch the same TV shows, and have a nearly identical list of friends, since they have friends from the same neighborhood. Ultimately, the argument is that, since one of them becomes a lesbian when the other remains heterosexual, the trait cannot have been learnt, since both of them would be either homo- or heterosexual. By revisiting the lives of these two girls, it is easy to see why one can logically claim that homosexuality is inborn. ...
tue of the fact that the girls have taken up different paths (in terms of gender identity), it is evident that one was born with pre-existing homosexual inclinations and would apparently be homosexual irrespective of the way she was brought up. On the basis of this illustration, one can deduce that homosexual tendencies are not always or exclusively acquired through experience and socialization but are a part of the genetic makeup of the individual. According to Ramon Jonson, “the nature concept explores the possibility that one may be born with an inherent attraction to members of the same sex” (Johnson, n.d). Should this be true, it would then appear that a lot of injustice has been committed over the years by the anti-homosexual groups, who have often opposed homosexuality by calling it an unnatural act. If one can be born with the propensity for it, then it is no more unnatural than heterosexuality. Besides, in 1990, Dr Swaab has discovered that in postmortem examinations, a portion of homosexuals’ brain was different from that of the straight brain. As such, one can assume that there is a scientific possibility that homosexuals are simply born different (Jonson, 2003). Further and more recent proof of this is evident in the test carried out with homosexuals. It was discovered that they reacted to men’s sweat just as the latter reacted to women’s’ (Carver, n.d.). To revert to the initial subject, the parent who is charged with the task of bringing up the two aforementioned girls will face a plethora of challenges. Chief among these will be explaining to his/her daughters why their sexual orientations are different. Since we can assume the twins are intimate friends, each will no doubt know about another one’s sexual desires. However, they may not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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