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Dont Ask, Dont Tell Policy - Essay Example

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The provision of the policy gave homosexuals the opportunity to practice their activities silently. It promoted the discipline in the military because of the protection it gave to military personnel’s identity. This paper will analyze the intentions of the policy, it influences and the views of the society with respect to the policy. …
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Dont Ask, Dont Tell Policy
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Download file to see previous pages The don’t tell, don’t ask policy was originally intended to allow homosexuals to serve in the military, while promote the discipline of the military personnel with respect to their sexual life. As stated by provisions of the policy, military officers must endeavor to uphold high discipline. Largely, the fabric of military activities depends on the discipline of the service members. While discipline is a requisite, social needs of the officers have similar weight. Conversely, the provisions in the American law did not provide for same sex marriage. It was argued that open activities of the homosexuals serving in the military would not only contravene the law, but also paint the military on the wrong. The religious objection and moral perception to homosexual activities are some of the consideration that influenced the creation of the policy. Ideally, with the laws barring open homosexual activities, military wing had to be subject to the same law. Although the policy did not intend to curtail the military life of homosexuals, it created conditions that promoted which hunting in the military. It is arguable that some military officers could not keep silent about their sexual orientation. Since the inception of the policy, more than 14500 military personnel have faced the axe of the policy (Johnson, 2011). Another unintended intention of the policy is the provision of spying and relaying information about sexual orientation of members. WKU public radio (2012), interview with former Marine, Denny Meyer reveals the hectic life promoted by the policy. The interview quotes Meyer arguing that the policy created an atmosphere for serving in fear. The homosexuals did not have the free opportunity to make their intent known. Further, any clue about bisexual activities would call for grueling and interrogation. The end of the exercise would be discharge from the service, Meyer recalled. While it apparent that the policy intended to provide an opportunity for the homosexual to serve in the military, it curtailed their civil liberty. The court battle against the policy illustrates the unintended impacts of the policy, the court case Department of Air Force v Witt, for example, indicated the extent to which the policy deprived the military officers the equal protection right. In most cases, the policy would gruel the military personnel, absolving the rights to equal protection. The discipline demanded in the military and the law appeared to undermine the civil liberty of the service members. The proposed changes on the don’t ask, don’t tell policy were an incredible attempt towards promoting and respecting, service members equal rights. In the research conducted, prior to the changes on the policy, it was evident that the presence of gay or lesbian in Warfield did not diffuse the capability of the unit. Further, the research by RAND indicated that open ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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