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Why drug testing should not be allowed in schools - Research Paper Example

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The recent rise in crimes, and especially drug-related crimes, has led to a social and also political backlash about the lack of action on this major concern. Although admittedly using drug testing seems to be a logical course of action, this may not be the best alternative…
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Why drug testing should not be allowed in schools
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Extract of sample "Why drug testing should not be allowed in schools"

Download file to see previous pages The paper discusses briefly on the reasons why drug testing makes apparent sense and then talks in greater detail about why it should not be allowed for the right reasons on issues very closely related to it. The brief digression is intended to highlight the rationale why it should not be allowed at all.
It can be safely said that there are always two sides to an issue; debate and arguments can get heated and become divisive as long as people hold opposing views and stands on issues which they think and feel affect them and has an important bearing on their lives. This is the case with issues like abortion, euthanasia (mercy killing), same-sex unions, organ donations, the more recently-repealed DADT (dont ask, dont tell) policy in the military services and many others. A more closely-related legal issue is the use of plea bargains which critics say tends to undermine the whole judicial system by letting criminals off the hook lightly with a suspension or probation. This is the same situation with regards to the use of drug testing, whether voluntary or not. This particular issue resonates with almost everyone concerned, as the problem of drug use is quite a widespread social and health problem, given the proliferation of illegal drugs in society today.
The drug problem is certainly a menace and many citizens feel that American society is about to overwhelmed by the enormity of this problem. Various solutions have been proposed to deal with it and drug testing is gaining popularity because it seems to make sense to most people. The idea of drug testing has caught on even among populist politicians, who proposed using it in varied aspects of American life such as applying for welfare benefits, where a welfare applicant has to take the drug test first and if he comes out clean, then he gets reimbursed for the expense and qualifies for welfare. If not, he waits for one year and take the test again (Cohen, 2011, p. 1). The idea has even been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Drug Testing Should Not Be Allowed in Schools Research Paper.
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