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Aggressive behavior&online aggression - Essay Example

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Human beings tend to behave in different ways when put in different environments.One of the things that can be learned from the study is that people can do things that are against their normal ethics when placed in different environments…
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Aggressive behavior&online aggression
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Download file to see previous pages Human beings tend to behave in different ways when put in different environments. One of the things that can be learned from the study is that people can do things that are against their normal ethics when placed in different environments. For example, as per the video, one of the people participating in the experiment was asked to administer electric shocks on some subjects under study who were prisoners. He went on to do just that despite the fact that he knew it was lethal. On the other hand, the other prison guards just looked on yet they knew that it was not proper to do so. This is an example of what the environment in which we are in can affect us. Some of the situational factors that may have triggered the aggressive behavior in the people involved in the experiment in the influence of authority. When people are in different environments, they tend to behave differently. Another situational factor is the area where one is placed. Prisons are generally bad places where there is a lot of aggression and bad treatment. Thus being in that environment may have triggered the occurrence of the aggression that was witnessed. In addition to this, the fact that the other guards were aggressive may have influenced the rest to be so (Krahe, 2001). On the other hand, the guards may have been influenced by personal factors to act the way that they did. Childhood encounters of aggression may have triggered them to be hostile on the inmates. ...
Putting the people in the experiment in individual situations would also have reduced the aggression that they exhibited. References Video: BBC (n.d) Stanford prison experiment [Video file]. Retrieved from Krahe, B. (2001). The Social Psychology of Aggression. New York: Psychology Press. Class #1 Assignment #2 Dehumanization and Online Aggression The use of online communication is one of the ideologies that spread all over the world with the advent of technology. This has enabled many people to pass messages instantly to areas that are miles apart. The use of media such as facebook, twitter and other instant message technologies are on the increase. One online medium that is most commonly used is facebook. However, it has led to an increase in online aggressive instances due to the dehumanization attribute that it has. One of the factors that might have led to dehumanization is the idea of anonymity (Tsikerdekis, 2012). People make friends with people that they do not know, thus, while communicating, the parties concerned are not wary of the feelings of the people that they talk to hence they may tend to get aggressive in their communication. Furthermore, they have reduced concerns about being positively evaluated by others (Tsikerdekis, 2012). Another factor that may trigger aggression on this site is the use of aliases and pseudonyms, which are names that are not really the true identity of a person. With such, people tend to be free to say what they want even though they may be aware that it is inappropriate because they know that they will not be identified. There is also the aspect of dissociation that comes with pseudonyms which is an aspect of dehumanization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aggressive behavior&Online Aggression Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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