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Childhood Attachment - Research Paper Example

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Childhood Attachment Instructor Abstract Childhood attachment is an important aspect in the field of psychology that helps individuals learn the importance of developing relationships from an early age. The sub-discipline of child psychology plays an important role in helping individuals understand the very first type of emotional attachment that human beings form…
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Childhood Attachment Paper
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, it is important to point out that any occurrence will have some implications. Hence, the final part discusses these long-term implications to the American society and other societies of the world Keywords: attachment, childhood attachment, infants, caregiver Childhood Attachment Throughout life, human beings form unconventional relationships, which is the case even at infancy. The relationships formed by human beings might be lasting and intimate depending upon the individuals forming these relationships. On the other hand, some of the relationships formed by human beings maybe transient and superficial. Nevertheless, these relationships are crucial since they bring the family together and most importantly make a community or society one single unit. The ability amongst human beings to form the relationships and maintain them is the most pertinent trait in human beings. In fact, no person in the world would survive without the ability to form relationships. In this regard, the trait plays a crucial role in enabling people to procreate, learn, and work. Thus, newborn children will not survive without a caregiver who will protect them and provide for them in order to satisfy their needs. The interaction with these caregivers becomes crucial to the formation of relationships, which is part of the behavioral systems in a human being. The relationship formed by the infants with the caregivers is attachment. The role of childhood attachment in child development cannot be overemphasized; however, some infants fail to form these relationships, which may make them experience the effects in the long-term. The theory developed by John Bowbly and Mary Ainsworth, known as the attachment theory, guides development of relationship between people and the role these relationships play in an individual’s development (Benson and Haith 30). This theory is crucial to understanding the attachment of children at infancy all the way to old age. By definition, attachment in childhood is “an emotional tie that an infant constructs and elaborates with his principal caregiver(s) in the context of everyday interactions” (Benson and Haith 31). In this regard, the bond between an infant and a mother, or a caregiver, is a good example of attachment. It is important to note that, while the mother and the unborn child have a connection when the child is in the womb, this does not qualify as attachment. Therefore, attachment does not start at conception but rather after birth despite the child’s connection with the mother through the umbilical cord (Benson and Haith 32). In this regard, the connection has to be emotional in order for it to qualify as childhood attachment. Thus, an infant child will develop attachment to the caregiver or their mother in order to replace the initial connection, which was only a physical attachment through the umbilical cord. The key to attachment is attunement between the mother and the infant child. Rees simply describes attunement as “the baby’s cry elicits a calming parental response, reinforcing a learnt pattern for both” (“Thinking Children’s Attachment” 1060). An infant child is wholly dependent on its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Childhood Attachment Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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