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Place attachment - Research Paper Example

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This paper is about person's place attachment. Concept of place attachment is closely related with the social and cultural relationships. Place attachment includes multidimensional bonds with the environment and practices of the regions. …
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Place attachment
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Download file to see previous pages The paper outlines all the thoughts from different books about the place attachment of people. There are various factors that contribute to create a bond between individuals and their living places. Apart from cultural and social values religion plays a vital role to build up a relationship of people with their living region. In 2004 Mazumdar and Mazumdar presented a study of sacred places to show relationship between place attachment and religion. Religion strongly influences people`s lifestyle, and their daily practices specifically worship places and communal gatherings help people develop a strong bond with the area and other people living in the same community. The study shows that religious people like to live near their worship places, which facilitates them during worship and consequently an attachment is developed with the place mainly for religious purposes.
Additionally, when a strong relation is formed with the other people come for collective prayers place attachment increases. This study explores that religion attachment also contribute to build an attachment with the new place which seem more attractive and religious to people with respect to their own religious rituals and practices. Architectural fame and popularity of the religious places has significance importance on other hand that attracts people from regions to visit or migrate to particular locations. Researchers highlighted examples from different religions including Islam, Hinduism and Christianity to view place attachment from a wider spectrum.

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Place Attachment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
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