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Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment - Essay Example

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This paper "Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment" discusses are a few things that influence and motivate people in a significant manner to lead life in happiness and harmony. Every individual surrender to a place or specific location in order to support and preserve his life…
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Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment
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Extract of sample "Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment"

Download file to see previous pages A person sometimes pays one visit to a place and remembers it for a long time. On the other hand, the emotional attachment to a place increases for some people with a continuous visit to a particular place.

According to (Hiruy) “The place attachment could be defined as an emotional bond that people develop in relation to a place where they prefer to remain and where they feel comfortable and safe”. In a human’s life, the most important thing is the peace and harmony he feels when in connection with a place, object or person. If there is no peace and happiness in life, the large acquisition of power and wealth brings only frustration. I am an emotional person and believe ardently in love, emotional and physical attachments and divine power of the universe. I strongly assert that to acquire emotional and mental happiness, one should make contact with one or many places or locations on a long term basis.

I am a person who is born as Buddhist, and my parents since my younger years taught me to develop a strong belief in Buddha and his divine powers. However, once I entered teenage years, I got distracted by the faith in Buddha and his divine powers. It is recently, that some negative incidents had led me to polish the faith in Buddhist principles and his power in rejuvenating the mental and psychological well being of mine. However, it is not abnormal for a person living in a developed nation like American and UK to visit restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, and sports clubs to mend their emotional mood swings and balance. But I have always found that being Chinese, the atmosphere of Buddhist temple in my locality, bestow me with incomparable positive strength and mental peace.

Everyone around the world knows and acknowledges the immaculate power of Buddhist principles and their environment in changing the complete internal and external outlook of a person. For a person like me, who is prone to a sensitive heart, needs a consistent comfort and assurance from divine power to get along with a life full of thorns and mystery.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment Essay.
(Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment Essay)
Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment Essay.
“Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment Essay”.
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