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The Importance and Implication of Early Attachment to Childrens Social and Emotional Competence - Essay Example

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 This essay examines John Bowlby’s attachment theory and its practice within the teacher-student relationship in primary education. Thereby, this essay will demonstrate the value of an approach to primary education that integrates attachment theory and research.  …
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The Importance and Implication of Early Attachment to Childrens Social and Emotional Competence
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Extract of sample "The Importance and Implication of Early Attachment to Childrens Social and Emotional Competence"

Download file to see previous pages In particular, understanding of attachment’s internal working models can enhance understanding of the dynamics and processes of teaching and learning. When the teacher-student relationship is bolstered, the prospect of students for successful learning is enhanced (Bishop, 2008).  Proposals for practice are put forth.
Primarily, the genius of John Bowlby (1988) was to assemble a range of philosophical perspectives and scientific disciplines to ponder on children’s growth from biological beings into advanced cultural and social beings. Due to this encouraging combination of ethology and psychology, evolutionary biology and theory, cognitive science and systems thinking, the interpersonal and personal, surfaced the notion of attachment (Howe et al., 1999), which in the view of contemporary scholars is more than just another model of children’s emotional and social development: ‘it is the theory that subsumes and integrates all others. It is a relationship-based theory of personality development and our psychosocial progress through life’ (Howe et al., 1999: 10).
Because of this, according to George (1996), the nature and value of children’s intimate or personal relationships matter to a great extent, as do all the things that influence these relationships—the natural volatile character of children, relationship history of parents, the pressures created by the material and social environment. Obviously, the value of relationships will differ from family to family. Bishop (2008) elaborates that of specific concern to nurture school workers is the awareness that negative relationships disturb children’s capability of developing strong emotional and social understanding. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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