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A Toddlers Life Span - Essay Example

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This article make observation and reflection of the Toddler Life Span Segment. The author pays attention to the most important aspects of this research such as biological, cognitive, psychological and emotional issues of development and highlight implications for social work…
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A Toddlers Life Span
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Extract of sample "A Toddlers Life Span"

Download file to see previous pages The essay ‘A Toddler’s Life Span’ describes the most impressionable age of a child when he is ready to learn things with ease. The Toddler should be constantly exposed to activities such as music, art, creativity, poetry, math and exercise. In order to make a child love to learn things, it is imperative that you present things in a fun manner. Playing should be the centrifugal point around which all else revolves. A child loves to play and therefore the easiest way to train a child’s learning abilities, thoughts and emotions would be only through play. Moreover, the person handling the toddler be it a parent or a person from child care has to show interest when playing and teaching the child or else the child would lose interest in the activity. The development of a toddler is slow and gradual. He not only develops physically but also mentally, socially and emotionally. These are the many factors that go to make up the all round development of a child. We can accomplish a balance between all these factors by not only learning about the developments that take place at different stages in a child’s life, but by incorporating a lot of fun ideas, games and creative activities to hold a child’s interest. In the course of teaching a child a lot of play and exploratory activities could be introduced. In order to achieve the best results we should respect a child’s feelings and never abuse him. We should gain a child’s trust by encouraging him and making him feel very secure.

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A Toddlers Life Span Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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