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Dealing with Anxiety - Essay Example

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Dealing with Anxiety Dealing with Anxiety In life, we normally encounter things that we do not want to think about or deal with; in such cases we develop ways to protect ourselves from such things. These protective ways to cope with anxiety are known as defensive mechanisms…
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Dealing with Anxiety
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Download file to see previous pages Although not most people understand anxiety, it is a fact that in our day-to-day life or activities we are confronted with it. Personally, I do not like anxiety because of its effects on one’s life such as stress and depression. Therefore, to cope with it, I have developed these mechanisms, which helps me reduce or deal with its effects. Sometimes l find life fun full of surprises with challenges, but I always find a way to suit in whichever situation is in to avoid further complication. In fact, I do not let anxiety ruin my happiness, or self-esteem and this is a mechanism acquired since childhood. I too do not have issues with people who care less about anxiety because to some extend is more of personal perspective. There are different defense mechanisms to deal with anxiety. Anxiety varies amongst individuals depending on the type. A person may portray different defensive mechanisms for the same or different types of anxieties. Some of these defense mechanisms include sublimation, and displacement. It may refer to transferring frustrations, feelings, or impulses to people or objects. These may be less threatening in that when we have an unpleasant encounter with our friends, we transfer our frustration to house helps, wives, kids, or even to pets. It is important to note that; intellectualization entails the turning of our thinking away from stressful or emotional aspect of the situation. Instead, one should focus on a thought that is cool, abstract, and analytical. This means avoiding the true reasons for unacceptable behavior by explaining it in a rational or logical way. Projection involves blaming somebody else to be the cause of our unacceptable behavior or feelings. This works portraying totally opposite feeling, behavior, or impulse towards something in order to hide the true feelings. In a case where I hate someone so much, I treat him/her in an excessive friendly manner to hide my true feelings, and repression. Sometimes we may neglect information regarding our awareness by embracing several aspects such as suppression, and denial. These mechanisms are explained in the below life examples. Late last year, I sat for my certified public accountant (CPA) courses exam. I was extremely optimistic that I would pass with excellence in the three papers I did. A lot of anxiety surrounded my waiting of waiting of the results. I decided not to allow myself to be carried away by the wave of enthusiasm, which can lead to anxiety. Therefore, after the exams I kept myself very much preoccupied with other useful activities, which demanded much attention and at the same time draw me away from that mood of exam results because after all I knew I had done my best. In addition, I did not want something, which had already passed to affect my present activities. After some time, the results were out and I had felt in one paper. I was very quick to pass the blame to the instructor of that paper. First, this made me feel guilty free and has faith in myself that given the chance and opportunity I can pass that paper. Besides, it helped me protect my self-esteem and self-concept. This type of defense mechanism is known as rationalization. I think of my nephew who in his early childhood had excessive anger. While in school, he used to fight other kids even to the extent of hurting them. Many people including his parents thought he would change with time as he gets mature, but things got worse as he grew. His ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dealing With Anxiety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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