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The Dynamics and Principles of Long-Term Relationships Between People - Case Study Example

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The paper describes the theory that explains Jade’s interaction with Mason. It is the evolutionary psychology theory. The theory uses a cause-effect approach that lacks the other two theories. It highlights Jade’s lack of fatherly love as the cause of her sensitive and attention-seeking personality…
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The Dynamics and Principles of Long-Term Relationships Between People
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Download file to see previous pages Jade and Mason are a couple who have been dating for over a year. Jade hails from Scottsdale, Arizona. She is living despite not being in any serious commitment prior to meeting Mason. All her past relationships involved people who were not ready for commitment, or who lied to her. Additionally, her father left when she was barely three, which is the reason she has high expectations from the person gets involved within a romantic relationship. On the other hand, Mason is a respectful and caring man from St. Louis, Missouri. The two lovebirds met through mutual friends and fell for each other. Over the past few weeks, there has been some distance between the two, which Jade translated as diminishing interest and ignorance, not knowing that Mason was under job stress and pressure. One night over a phone conversation between the two, Mason was more silent and seemed disinterested in the conversation. This upset Jade, who quickly ended the conversation and sent him a text expressing her feelings. Mason’s reply was that since they were in a long distance relationship, they had little to talk about and that she was blowing his reasons for silence out of proportion. After several exchanges and arguments, the couple finally realized that they both lead busy lives, but they must ensure that they put positive efforts for their relationship to work. The argument was also a revelation for Mason. It presented Jade as a sensitive person who needs constant attention. She also holds her emotions within her when she gets upset. Eventually, the couple came to a mutual agreement. Mason now understood her better and apologized to her. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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