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Human Behaviour and its Conditions - Essay Example

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Societies form a major part of the human race because no man has been able to survive completely on his own. Every human being requires the company of another to share and discuss information and resources with …
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Human Behaviour and its Conditions
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"Human Behaviour and its Conditions"

Download file to see previous pages However, in order to live with other people, a person must be able to understand their point of view on different aspects in life as well. It is not easy for a man to be able to adjust and live with someone else, however as the world has been progressing with each passing day, man has begun to comprehend the need of following a certain kind of social conduct or behaviour in order to present himself in the best possible manner so that he is accepted by his peers or the group or society that he lives within. Human behaviour may thus been defined as they way a person is able to conduct him or herself in front of the rest of society. There are certain morals of a code of conduct that are accepted within a group of people according to which people may be either accepted or rejected from a large group. The various aspects of understanding human behaviour are very complex because it can be described from the view of different sociological aspects of a human being with respect to society. Behaviour may be described as ranging from symbolic interaction towards other people or by the conflict theory and how a person is not able to adjust with someone else. (Gerrig, Richard J. & Philip G. Zimbardo) As a human being grows and develops within society, the people around him bring about a noticeable change within him. The factors that persist within the environment around a man are enough to change him from what he was into something he will be in his future. This is because every man relies heavily upon the experiences that he encounters during the course of his lifetime and thus is changed by the kind of circumstances that he has been thrust into. This paper helps to examine how these outside factors like attitudes, beliefs and expectations affect the way a human being acquires information from various sources, and also looks into whether or not human behaviour is conditioned by associations between environment stimuli and responses as well. Every human being is subject to some kind of environment or the other. Children born in rich households grow up with everything on their platter while those born in poverty stricken homes need to work and earn their meals from a very ripe and young age which steals away their childhood as well as their innocence from them. The environment and atmosphere within which a human being lives in for the most of his life helps him to respond to it in a specific manner. (B, A) As discussed in the example above, a rich child would rarely do his own work because of having domestic help to do the same for him whereas a poor child would be used to carrying out his own chores and duties as taught by his parents. A well off family will have the proper means to educate their children from whereas on the other hand, a poverty stricken family will only teach their children how to beg for alms and earn a square meal a day. Thrust in these various situations, a child reacts to the environment around him in a positive or a negative manner. His behaviour is conditioned upon how he reacts to different situations with the resources that are available to him. As per the above example, a poor child would be subject to violence and negative emotions because his parents would be getting frustrated on a frequent basis, subjecting him to equal emotions as compared to a child from a well to do family who would be getting a very good response from his parents and thus would be repeating what he sees, in front of his peer group. Naturally, this child would grow up to have inculcated certain morals and values within him which the poor child would not be subject to because of the violent surroundings that he has been raised within. (English Test) Therefore, this is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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