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Written comprehension - Essay Example

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ABA entails the application of all the behavioural principles systematically. Essentially, it does focus on the daily situations meant to escalate or…
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Written comprehension
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Extract of sample "Written comprehension"

Download file to see previous pages Baer, Wolf and Risley defines Applied Behaviour analysis as a systematic process that does supply interventions with the basis of the learning theory. Its objective is to ensure that there is an improvement in the social behaviour into a meaningful degree. Furthermore, it demonstrates that the interventions did result in responsible behaviour. Seven dimensions of ABA are applied, generality, conceptual system, effective, technological, analytic and behavioural.
Reinforcement is any act that results to the strengthening or an increase in motivation of the individual behaviour, which is stimulated by an antecedent stimulus. Positive reinforcement facilitates the continuous occurrence of the behaviour even in the near future. Negative reinforcement involves removal of certain stimulus, hence making the organism to avoid that behaviour. Reinforcement may be immediate, signalled or unsignalled depending with the source of motivation. Temporal contiguity states that the learning process is faster when there is utilization of both verbal and non-verbal modes. Unconditioned response have a natural occurrence due to a specific stimulus, while conditioned response development involves the pairing process of a neutral stimulus with a conditioned stimulus. Premark principle states that an opportunity to take part in beneficial activities strengthen less probable behaviours (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007).
A contingency refers to any aspect of a plan that may be true to bring up any angle of argument. The four-term contingency involves the usage of motivating factors that evoke a positive response, antecedent that alters the behaviour leading to a consequence. In stimulus control, an organism does behave in a specific way when a certain stimulus is present, and behaves in another way when the absence of the stimulus.
In continuous reinforcement, the behaviour undergoes reinforcement on its every moment of occurrence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Written Comprehension Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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