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Cognitive Behavioral Theory in Practice - Term Paper Example

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The writer of this essay will discuss the basics of the use of cognitive behavior theory in practice. The concept of cognitive behavior therapy is one which can alter the way one thinks about themselves as well as how they associate with behaviors and reactions…
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Cognitive Behavioral Theory in Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Different mechanisms for changing thought patterns from negative to positive reactions becomes the main component of CBT and the interactions in which individuals have.
Cognitive behavior theory, also known as CBT, is based on creating responses that begin with the mind and change into actions or behaviors. The theory states that the mind is responsible for the behaviors and actions in which one takes. The neurological changes which begin in the mind lead to specific reactions and associations with the environment. More important, there is a direct link between emotional behaviors from the mind and how one responds within a given environment. The process of creating a meaning and responding in a specific manner then becomes the basis of this theory. For instance, if one is stressed, anxious or depressed, then it links to the attitudes and behaviors which one has. Changing these specific modes and emotions becomes the basis of cognitive behavior theory (O’Donahue, Fisher, 2008).
There are several which have used the concepts of cognitive behavior theory in practice, specifically to change the emotional and psychological responses of individuals that lead into the current practices. The beginning of the theory was used in the 1950s by Albert Ellis and was followed into practice by Aaron Beck in the 1960s. The main reference which was made by both psychiatrists formulated from the question of how to treat depressed patients, specifically because of distorted perceptions in which individuals had of themselves. When one was fighting with depression, there were also negative ideologies of the individual and interactions with the environment in which one would take.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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