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The present paper "Cognitive Theory" would focus on describing some psychologists and psychologists' theories to explain the causes and effects of mental disorders, which include; cognitive theory, abnormal theory, personality theory, social theory among others…
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Cognitive Theory
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Download file to see previous pages To start with, the cognitive approach focuses on one's thoughts, beliefs, and certain feelings. This approach tends to understand how one's beliefs, thoughts, and feelings would influence once behaviors. Psychologists explain that if a clear research is carried out on specific individuals and the behaviors they have, there is a relationship with his or her past behaviors or beliefs. Second is the behavioral therapy. According to the cognitive theory, the behaviors of an individual are likely to be learned and acquired either from the surrounding that is nature or through inborn traits that are matter. Cognitive theory clearly tries to understand the two perspectives, and this is done mainly through practical research.
Through cognitive theory psychologists, the main idea is to understand the cause of some behaviors in some people and mainly is influenced by the nature of the issue one is facing, in many cases the following are critical situations where this can be applicable is;
On a person suffering from depression or anxiety. A serious research is carried out on the main issue affecting him and methods of controlling or putting the situation under control may be put in place.
In case, one has an eating disorder that may lead to obesity. This is not a normal thing, at times this may be viewed as an issue affecting the individual mentally and, therefore, leading to the disorder.
An individual suffering from the post-stressful event, mainly this is from a shock or an issue that one went through, and the thoughts still run fresh in mind. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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