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The Effect of TV on People's Behavior - Research Paper Example

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The Effect of TV on People's Behaviour “People are sheep. TV is the Shepherd” – Jess. C. Scott. How true! Most of us spend hours watching the glaring screen without the need to concentrate, remember or register anything in to mind. TV is probably the best form of entertainment in the world…
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The Effect of TV on Peoples Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages Be it a simple Disney cartoon or a live soccer match, a soap opera or a movie, TV is the only machine capable of entertaining everyone in the family from a 2 year kid to a grandmother who is counting her last days. There are several different kinds of programs aired in the TV. Kids like cartoons and action movies while the news and sports are reserved for adult men. Teenagers have their favourite music and dance shows while the women are fascinated by the fashion programs and TV soaps. The elderly people have health related programs, investment shows and religious channels. TV is definitely a boon considering its multipurpose usage. But, we have to admit it is our greatest time killer too. TV programs have a unique addictive nature which makes us forget or postpone even the most important engagements easily. Many of us give more importance to the TV set than our family members. Remote control is probably the most sought after asset in every home by every person. Commercial TV started its broadcast in late 1920’s. Paul Nipkow, John Baird, Charles Jenkins – many names are associated with the invention of television. R.J. Reiman the author of the book “Who Invented Televeision?” points out Nipkow’s scanning disk was the inspiration for John Baird to produce a mechanical television set. He started broadcasting commercially from 1926 in the Great Britain. Charles Jenkins started popularizing the mechanical television sets during the same time in the North America. “The Queens Messenger” is the officially recorded drama ‘radioed through television’ according to Washington Post. It was aired on September 11, 1928. Only four televisions sets were present in the Schenectady, area New York then. Those television sets broadcasted this drama (Hilliard, 2010). There were many different channels broadcasting individually in 1920’s. It was in the early 1930’s national TV stations started to appear in the US. Charles Jenkins sold several television sets all over North America and ran his own broadcast station from July 1928. He was the first person to air a TV commercial. A Scene from the ‘The Queens Messenger’ The mechanical televisions were very complex to handle and operate. The electronic television sets took over them in a short period. Allen B. Du Mont patented the first CRT television successfully in 1931 and the rest became history. By 1950’s television became an integral part of every home in the US and many of the European cities. Russian scientist Zworykin patented an electronic colour television system way back in 1925. But, colour televisions designed by RCA laboratories were the first to come into the market in 1953. Modern day television sets are much more advanced than these machines. It is hard to believe Paul Nipkow’s disk had just 18 lines of resolution compared to today’s HD TV’s with 1080p resolution. All this development took place within a century. All the famous radio programs were initially copied by the TV stations. Certain notable programs like the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and the inauguration function of the New York Trade Fair in 1939 created quite a sensation at the time of their broadcast. Very soon, movies started to appear in the television. Various kinds of programs like songs, debates and dramas, which had high listenership in the radio started to appear in the television along with the visuals. Television series like ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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