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Behaviour and Cognitive Therapies According to Psychotherapy - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes a diverse range of social, environmental, biological and psychological factors that can have an impact on an individual’s mental health due to which, people can develop symptoms and behaviours that are distressing to themselves or others…
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Behaviour and Cognitive Therapies According to Psychotherapy
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Download file to see previous pages The National Minimum Data Sets (NMDSs) for Mental Health Care is a set of mental healthcare-related data factors that have been agreed for collection each year by Australian State and Territory governments. A fundamental strength inherent in any NMDS is that all data element definitions have been agreed in detail by the Health Data Standards Committee and the Statistical Information Management Committee to make sure that they are consistent with national health data standards. This provides a mechanism by which the data set can attain high levels of internal consistency and comparability. Mental disorders are real and disabling conditions that are experienced yearly by one in five Australians. The prevalence of mental illness among racial and ethnic minorities is generally similar to that for whites but disparities exist in access to, availability of, and quality of mental health services. While they are very common and disabling, 80-90% of mental disorders are also treatable because research has enabled us to recognize, diagnose, and treat these conditions. However, of those with diagnosable mental disorders, fewer than half of adults and only one-third of children get help. Stigma interferes with access and treatment, as do financial barriers and cultural nuances of both patients and physicians. Generally, minority communities who are more likely to experience mental disorders than whites, have more stigmas regarding mental illness and are less likely to seek early treatment. Indeed, these communities more likely tend to be misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, and undertreated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Behaviour and Cognitive Therapies According to Psychotherapy Research Paper.
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