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Therapies for Sundry Mental Disorders - Research Paper Example

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This study looks into various therapies for sundry mental disorders. One of them prescribes anti-anxiety, anti-depressive or anti-psychotic drugs to the client. Supportive and exposure therapies are popular as well. The therapist must adopt an empathetic and positive attitude towards the client…
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Therapies for Sundry Mental Disorders
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Download file to see previous pages Therapists have devised supportive psychotherapy that involves one-on-one counseling sessions between the clinician and the client. Analogous to the drug therapy, supportive therapy is used by clients suffering from chronic stress and other mental or physical illnesses. Supportive psychotherapy is characterized by a number of sessions over a long period of time. During these sessions, the therapist carefully listens to the client, encourages emotional expression and provides an outlet for the client to get rid of the pent-up emotional and mental trauma as a result of the client’s life situations.
This is a client-centered approach and usually ends with the therapist psychoeducation the client and advising him or her accordingly. Such client-centered counseling is effective in dealing with clients, who need social support or an outlet for their emotional ordeal. Client-centered counseling is widely used by pastoral counselors and social workers, who incorporate a non-directive approach to help the client and calmly listen to the client. The counselor clarifies and helps the client understand various issues but leaves the choice and the entire decision-making power to the client. The prime focus on the client’s dilapidated self-esteem and increase his or her confidence. These sessions effectively help the client achieve self-actualization.
Though, most of the therapy sessions are based on a client-centered approach, however, in Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) is quite different; it is based on the cognitive model of psychiatric disorders and proposed by Albert Ellis and Aaron T. Beck. The therapy is largely applied to people suffering from depression and to help them overcome the erroneous cognition that triggers the depression. In other words, it involves aggressively coaxing the client into assessing the rationality of his or her thought processes. This form of therapy is largely therapist centered and unlike client-centered counseling, the therapists’ role is not purely advisory.   On the other behavioral therapy encompasses a wide range of therapeutic procedures that are based upon the learning theory. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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