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Roles of Multidisciplinary Teams for Chronic Patients - Assignment Example

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Roles of Multidisciplinary Teams for Chronic Patients Date Roles of Multidisciplinary Teams for Chronic Patients Introduction The definition of the of the term chronic illness have very many aspects considered in it. This is with regard to the time span and possibly the mode of acquisition of the illness…
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Roles of Multidisciplinary Teams for Chronic Patients
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Download file to see previous pages In respect to this, it is important that it is known that most of the chronic infections are hereditary while other are dependant on the nature of life for example smoking. They can only be treated since cure is not possible. Chronic diseases cut across the board in what is referred to as A to Z. there are numerous categories of chronic diseases starting from Arthritis, Alzheimer's to zoonoses chronic illness that are passed from animals to human, avian flu is an example (Brighton, 2005). Of recent obesity has also added onto the long list of the chronic diseases. The cost of maintaining life in the presence of the chronic illness is seriously expensive and inmost case if one can not afford the cost then they simply succumb. For example in diabetes, there is need to inject insulin on a daily basis for those with the acute form (Brighton, 2005). Since most of the chronic illness cannot be completely be cured, there is extensive support from the health care providers such that the patient are given the orientation on how to manage some errands on their own. Before leaving the hospital the patient are given the basics of their condition and how to manage the conditions in the absence of the doctor (Larsen, Pamala, and Ilene, 2009). Cases of chronic illness can most likely lead to the disillusionment of the patient in taking care of themselves, this is because of the constantly recurring illness condition that requires very close monitoring and any complacency may be lethal to ones life. This make the patient to have the feeling that they are not able to enjoy life and get to be depressed and can developed great sense of trauma. In this case the patients require psychological therapies (Lubkin, Ilene, and Pamala, 1988). The trauma that is experienced by the patients can be horizontally be transferred to the heath care givers and even to the close family members in what is referred to as compassion fatigue or burnout. Compassion fatigue is defined as the cost of providing care to the patients as one tends to empathize with them to the extent that they themselves get affected (Ackley, & Ladwig, 2010). In the contemporary society, one of the most worrying chronic infection is the oncology cases, the development of cancerous cases is on the rife and this is attributed to the lifestyle that majority of the peoples have opted for. For this purpose, the prevalence and incidence of the cases of chronic infections will be considered. Prevalence of a disease consider finding the rate at which the disease spreads while in incidence, we do considers a snapshot number of the individuals who are victims as at a specific time (Funk, 2001). Characteristics of chronic diseases Chronic diseases have many factors in common; most of the chronic diseases are brought about by the lifestyle led by the individual. The emergence of these illnesses are solely brought by the nature of the life they opt for, for instance, in the over consumption of alcohol is known to overwork the pancreases and this impairs the performance of the pancreas and may not be in a position of secreting the necessary hormones that are required for the regulation of some important factors like the control of the sugar level in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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