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Select one skill from the Year 1 Essential Skill Clusters that you achieved in your first practice placement and had signed by y - Essay Example

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Reflection Introduction This is a critical reflection on the skills applied during my clinical placement. The communication and interpersonal skill, especially how it was applied during the handover during the multidisciplinary meetings were a significant part of this essay…
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Select one skill from the Year 1 Essential Skill Clusters that you achieved in your first practice placement and had signed by y
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Extract of sample "Select one skill from the Year 1 Essential Skill Clusters that you achieved in your first practice placement and had signed by y"

Download file to see previous pages She also gave me pointers on how I could improve in my next placement. The mentor also provided feedback from the patients, and through such feedback, I found out that the patients liked me talking to them and smiling at them. In general therefore, I performed well. Part 1: Gibbs Reflective cycle Description (What happened?) The incident involved my clinical placement with a community hospital which houses 19 inpatient beds, an A & E Department, Physiotherapy, and X-Ray/Ultrasound facilities. Their services include rehabilitation for patients having gone through accidents or minor injuries with a team of professionals including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and social workers/case managers. During this placement, I was able to apply various skills and take part in various nursing interventions. One of the activities I was able to participate in is the handover during multidisciplinary team meetings. The meeting comprised of various nurses and other health professionals caring for different patients. To protect patients’ confidentiality in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct, patients’ consent for care were sought before any essential nursing services were offered (NMC Code of Conduct Domain 2.8). I administered care to patients in the ward, assisting in wound cleaning and vital signs monitoring. The handover multidisciplinary meetings were done weekly with nurses bringing all the folders for the patients in the bay and giving a handover to everyone attending the meeting. I participated in giving handovers to about two patients a week. Members of the team ask questions about the patients I would be handing over, and I would explain what I can about each patient. At times, my mentor would help me explain further about each patient. The patients’ attending physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, dieticians, and social workers were present in the meeting. I reported about the patients’ vital signs, oftentimes indicating possible changes and unstable levels for patients. I also expressed that some patients had a low threshold for pain. The Gibbs reflection style was used for this paper because it provides an orderly and detailed process of reflection. It also allows for an in-depth assessment of details and interventions used during the incident being evaluated. Feelings (What I was thinking and feeling) I felt like my contribution to the team was an important contribution and I was also assured with the fact that the other members of the team listened and welcomed my comments and contribution to the handover meetings. I also listened to them as they shared their expertise on patient care. At times however, I found the discussion intimidating because the members of the team are experts in their field. I felt however, that I needed to be more assertive during these discussions in order to ensure that my contributions to the discussion would be heard. Evaluation (What was good and bad about the incident) What was good about the incident was that it taught me that the contributions of the team in the care of a patient are effective means by which improved patient outcomes can be gained. By attending the handover multidisciplinary meetings, I was able to endorse the patient and communicate their essential needs based on my assessment. With the assistance of my mentor, I was also able to be effective during the handover meetings. What was bad about the experience was that there were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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