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Difficulties Retaining Employment - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that Susan was referred for assessment by Centrelink to determine why she is having difficulties retaining employment. Susan has been seen three times, once with her mother present. She has also submitted to a WAIS-III in an effort to establish basic intellectual ability…
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Difficulties Retaining Employment
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Download file to see previous pages Susan did attend school from ages eight to fifteen. She frequently achieved below the required standard expected level in her classes even though she put forth the effort to learn and participate in the classes. She left school at age fifteen seeming unable to keep up with other students. She has never been formally tested in the educational system. Susan reports that she has worked primarily as a packer in supermarkets. She has worked only intermittently at this but she reports that she enjoys the work. Her mother reports she was dismissed from at least one job because she stocked products in the wrong isles. Susan denies being dismissed but she does admit that she stocked the shelves incorrectly. Socially, Susan’s mother reports that Susan had difficulties with friendships in school and was often the child that was teased by others. She did have one romantic encounter that was serious enough that she moved from her parent’s home to he boyfriend’s home. The relationship lasted only
Centrelink reports that they are having difficulties keeping Susan employed. Susan seems to think they have just not been able to find her suitable employment and she has agreed to this assessment for that purpose. Susan’s mother reports that a year ago Susan was involved in a car accident. The car in which Susan was riding was struck for the side and Susan hit her head on the windscreen. She did not lose consciousness and the ambulance attendants and the hospital professionals state that there was no significant injury to cause harm to Susan. She remained at the hospital for only one hour. Currently, Susan is living with her parents who provide a great deal of daily living support from doing her laundry to arranging her appointments. Her mother states that she is often sedentary but she is not depressed. Previous intellectual assessment has not been done.  It would be very valuable to see school records.  I would also like to interview a school official that knew Susan if that would be possible.  A fairly long time has passed since Susan was in school.  The school's view of the issue would be helpful for her functioning level at that time and their expectations of her ability level.  It seems very strange that the school did not follow up with testing or recommendations for testing.  If they did why did the parents not follow through?  If they did not then have her functioning regressed?  If that is the case, that regression would need to be addressed immediately. School and any other records available may help in learning what help Susan has had so far and how does she learn best.  All of this would make the treatment plan better.       ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Difficulties Retaining Employment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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