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Schizophrenia is an Illness which is Shaped, to a Large Extent, by Political Economy - Essay Example

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 “Schizophrenia is an illness which is shaped, to a large extent, by political economy” [University] [Instructor Name] It is considered that the foundation of wellbeing is money, and without which wellbeing cannot exist. And one earns money through work which is both directly and indirectly related to an individual’s well-being…
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Schizophrenia is an Illness which is Shaped, to a Large Extent, by Political Economy
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Download file to see previous pages It is said that money can’t buy happiness, but it can provide sources to find it. Meaning, we can’t even talk about well-being in the state of poverty, because money and well-being are very closely linked. The amount of money one has is measured by his possessions like properties and jewels etc. because in the present world they play as the key contributor in an individual’s well-being. But not all people believe in these theories, some believe that one’s well-being or social status is not so much influenced by money instead it is a complicated mix of material, cultural and social factors, for example people like intellects, artists and journalists. Work provides financial security, because according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) analyzed data from over 2000 people to measure the nation’s well-being. 80% of the people rated that having a job is more important than how much it pays. Because the results proved that job security, personal health and relationship with the families were at the top of most people priorities. Work is about a human’s life and not only about the income. ...
It increases the uncertainty in the society it also contributes to high poverty population. Because having no work deprives us from fulfilling our basic needs and when they are not met the people depending on them also suffer. The challenges of unemployment not only cause recession but it does more than that for example: ECONOMIC: Unemployment hurts the chain of capitalism, when people are unemployed they lose the power to purchase goods and services, and simultaneously the people who produce goods and services. And then in this case people stop investing their money in production because when production and consumption is down there is no way to earn back the amount that has been invested. All these effects cause clinical depressions, disorders and health problems which results in expenditure of non-existing money which results in losing our assets. States who depend on sales tax to fun government programs also suffer because unemployment causes individuals to spend less and makes them incapable of paying taxes. PERSONAL: The effects of no work not only results in economic problems but it also negatively affects the society. It does more than just making a person unemployed, instead it makes him/her spend their days scouring through the newspapers looking for jobs. According to the European Network of Economic Policy Research Institute states that loosing job is one of the most tragic and damaging experience an individual can face. Lack of money is the most tangible effect of unemployment. Researches state that a people can lose their career identity, which may lead to life dissatisfaction. A person under depression may be less motivated to find another work. The main challenge that unemployment pose is that it can cause that jobs that are usually given to people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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