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Peoples Reaction to Media Violence - Research Paper Example

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The sphere of media has reached a significant level of development. The hypotheses of this paper are that the media violence affects human activity, and the effects of such influence may be long-term and very negative, and that people must react to such phenomenon, probably, in a defensive way. …
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Peoples Reaction to Media Violence
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that parents limit children’s time spent in front of the TVs, and they also control random watching: many parents suggest that children should not do it without parental control. The second technique is modification of the violence scenes seen by the children: parents discuss them with their children. “Don't simply say to kids, "Violence is bad for you and you shouldn't watch it." Instead, encourage them to develop an awareness of violence when they see it and understand its consequences through their own experience. Parents are also forced to react to violence in cartoons and TV content.
This paper makes a conclusion that the problem of media violence has become very actual since media wide expansion. The scenes of violence get more and more widely used in media products, and exposure to violent media content adversely affects humans: it was reported of at least two cases of shooting in public places with casualties influenced by excessive playing violent computer games – San Paulo theater, 1999 and Sandy Hook Elementary School, 2012. This proves the first hypothesis of the paper – media violence adversely affects human beings. The second hypothesis – adverse influence of media violence has long-term effects – has also been proved, because Elizabeth Thoman’s research states that children exposed to violent media content tend to choose aggressive behavior model on a long-term basis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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