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Media Ethics - Essay Example

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The subject of this essay will be an examination of, Held’s argument that the media sometimes sacrifices its integrity and the security of the public by indirectly promoting the interests of perpetrators of political violence for financial gain. Firstly, I will extrapolate on…
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Media Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages Ultimately, I will conclude that the primary reason many media organizations may find themselves “aiding” terrorist is not out of the inevitability of an incidental connection, but a money-oriented strategy.
Unlike other commentators, Held does not try to invoke the role of news media as a fourth branch or government, but takes the position that everyone in a moral society is obliged to promote the reduction of political violence. This position, in her opinion is partially relevant for those working in the media since it plays a key role in shaping public opinion, which is ultimately the objective of those that engage in political violence. She bases her argument on the claim that the media cannot be relied on to play its moral role in the war against terror since it is predominantly driven by profit motives. Even from a laypersons perspective, the media assist common sense in decreasing incidences of political violence. However, this is not as obvious to members of the fourth estate who tend to present news in the most dramatic and emotive way possible so as to exploit public outrage or fear for increased rating and create a sense of dependency. Given current reporting trends, it is clear that the infamous adage, “tell the people what they want hear” is alive. For example, they will rarely provide objective coverage of the arguments for and against the views by political dissidents unless they happen to be iconic figures such as Dalai Lama. She suggest that the press should air the view of everyone involved in an incidence since many acts of terror are committed by people who feel they are ignored and want to force society to acknowledge their existence and grievances. Her proposal on this matter is on point since in many cases, would be perpetrators of political violence will not get attention from the media unless they do something drastic.
Held preeminently talks about the profit motive, which she cites rightly as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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