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The essay "Media Programming" is aimed to inform about media and how it has changed a lot of things negatively in the present generation. The problem highlighted is that people have become too addicted to social media that they forget to work or study…
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Media Programming
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Media programming Nowadays, media have become an important aspect in the lives of many people. Media enables people to see and hear about various events in the surrounding world. Media is also a source of entertainment through films and music. Media has other functions, which include educating, passing information, inspiring and working. The media also acts as a public representative whereby, it listens to issues affecting the public and forwards them to the necessary organizations.
Media has changed a lot of things negatively in the present generation. However, people are too blind to notice that the media is slowly killing the good morals in the society. Also, people may get addicted to media programs, and end up forget about the important things in society. For example, people have become too addicted to social media that they forget to work or study.
Despite media programming having many disadvantages, it also has a number of limitations. Information passed through media programs is not always educative. As a result, it may end up creating bad morals to children or deceiving people. For example, the media may air movies which may nurture negative attitudes in people.
Media does not always produce truthful information. Many countries view the media as an organization whose main aim is the generation of income. Therefore, the media may pass lies that will attract the attention of its viewers and listeners simply so that it raises its profits margin. Media does not always practice faithful representation.
Addiction to media programs could be unhealthy. For example, when people spend the whole day watching television, they may become unhealthy due to lack of sleep. Staying inactive may also bring about health deterioration. It is advisable to participate in physical activities because they improve the health of individuals.
Television and films may also ruin the eyesight of people. The television projects contrast and brightness that could cause a reaction against people’s eyes. This makes the eyesight weaker. Also, this causes soreness in the eyes, and inn extreme cases, it may result to complete visual impairment in individuals.
Movies encourage violence in the society. There is no doubt that there is a high production of violent movies now than ever before. This influences people in a big way by encouraging shootings, fights and disrespect in teenagers. These movies may also encourage indulgence in cults. A report from indicates that children who watch violent movies may end up getting convicted of a crime.
Media programs also encourage a Larger than Life Character among children and teenagers. Media programs may air movies with skilled fighters, acrobatics and human beings with superhuman powers. This may cause children to try dangerous things in order to have the superhuman characters. For example, after watching Spiderman, children may subject themselves to spider bites.
Media programs may also act as a means to propaganda. The main goal of film makers is to increase profits. Therefore, they may use controversial topics such as legalization of drugs, racism or human sexuality. The use of propaganda helps the filmmakers reach more people. However, it may raise agitations, protests and uproar among people.
Media programs have many advantages and impacts in people’s lives. However, not all the impacts are beneficial. Parents and guardians should be cautious so as to ensure that children and teenagers do fall victims of deceit and lies from the media. Guardians should try and reduce the amount of time spent in watching movies so that children spend time doing other constructive things (Hesmondhalgh, 2006).
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Hesmondhalgh, D. (2006). Media production. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Read More
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