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The Issue of Sample Size in Qualitative Research - Assignment Example

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The paper "The Issue of Sample Size in Qualitative Research" highlights that the ethical considerations that researchers face can be addressed both at a personal level and at a cultural level. One has to weigh and see the effects that the actions that one taking is affecting once life…
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The Issue of Sample Size in Qualitative Research
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Sample Size in Qualitative Research"

Download file to see previous pages Qualitative research is research that usually aims at gathering the deepest review or understanding of the way human beings behave as well as the reasons behind their behavior. Qualitative research gets to look at the why and how involved in the making of decisions and not only the what, where and the when of occurrence. The analysis of human beings in natural settings means that different situations lead to different actions that clearly mean that the size of the sample will be determined by a different kind of situation. In addition, the higher the number of samples, the lower the risks of errors. For instance, students in the school will have different opinions about the school when they are in class, in the field or in the competitions which shows that the size of samples will be divided to fit the opinions of different students in all the three instances (Lincoln, 2011).
When a researcher goes out to do research, he/ she need to have some goals that he/she has yet to achieve. For the researcher to determine the kind of size that is good enough to have, he/she needs to look at the time given for the completion of the research (Holstein, 2010). The kind of results that he gets at the beginning of the project also should contribute to the number in sample size that is required to be able to gather all the relevant information needed. Lastly, if the institution requires a certain number of sample sizes, the researcher will not have any other option than to comply with the demand. For instance, if a researcher sets to find the reasons behind workers strike in an institution, he might follow the guidelines of the project. He might also find that the reason for the strike was not only salary but also the mistreating of workers and this would automatically lead the researcher to dig more and this would be by sampling a greater number of members. And in all these, the researcher will be looking at the time he has to complete it as well as the getting the best out of the workers so as to acquire the evidence needed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Issue of Sample Size in Qualitative Research Assignment.
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