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Ducati Sports and Cruisers Bike From Buyers Point of View - Research Paper Example

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The research paper aims at understanding and identifying the perception and preference level of customers for Ducati Sports Bike and Ducati Cruisers. The research paper also aims at analyzing reasons behind their preference based on the primary research…
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Ducati Sports and Cruisers Bike From Buyers Point of View
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Download file to see previous pages Research design can be considered as one of the most important tools in conducting the research in the quest for positive results. Ader et al stated that the research design is concerned with what question to study, what data are relevant, how to collect those data and how to analyze those data in an effective and efficient manner. Usually, qualitative and quantitative research plays an important role in the research design. The qualitative research design is based on the theoretical aspects of the chosen topic based on analyzing the literature while quantitative research design is based on analyzing the collected data through statistical tools to derive conclusion and results based on the result question to achieve the proposed aim and objectives of the research. In quantitative research design, it is important to assess the variables along with relating them to the research question. Variables in this particular research can be personal attributes, likeliness and personality, opinions and personal and brand image. All these variables can be analyzed through primary research and data collection methods through the use of questionnaires and interviews. However, in this particular research, interviews can be considered as a feasible and appropriate option. Interviews will help in communicating with the riders on a personal basis along with analyzing their preference and likeliness for the sports bike and cruisers. Questionnaires can be of great help in analyzing data and variables using statistical tools and methods. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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