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The Green Tea Production in China: Health Gains - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes two major kinds of tea, the green and the black tea. Black tea is obtained from oxidation of tea leaves, while green tea is attained from steaming, rolling, and drying of tea leaves without oxidation. Green tea production is China-based…
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The Green Tea Production in China: Health Gains
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Extract of sample "The Green Tea Production in China: Health Gains"

Download file to see previous pages Tea is basically grown in thirty-six tropical and semitropical nations. Twenty-one of these is from the ACP region. The first six biggest producer countries include; China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and turkey in that respect. This group accounts for eighty per cent of the global output. However, it is only less than half of the production which is exported. This is because China and India are major consumers of their own productions. Since the period of 1993-95, global tea production has grown by around two per cent. At the same time, consumption in Western states has less than matched this growth by only increasing by a one percentage upward move. In the year 2007, the world tea consumption was on a virtual stagnation point. The increase was quite minimal rising from 3.649 to 3.668 million tones on the basis of the year before. However, in a number of developing countries, the production pace has matched the consumption rate or in other states. In other cases, it has fallen short of consumption demands. In this period, China’s consumption overtook that of India as a result of a thirteen point six per cent increase. It is also worth mentioning that the United Kingdom purchases roughly half of the consumption of the European segment (Agritrade, 2009). The global production of tea witnessed a 2.3 per cent growth rate in the year 2007 which saw production levels hit the 3.7 million tones level. It is the Chinese production that accounted for thirty point six per cent of the total production, closely followed by India’s 24.5 per cent and the Kenyan level of 8.1 per cent. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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