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Past Present and Future: Based on BS in Marketing - Essay Example

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The "Past Present and Future: Based on BS in Marketing" essay is the professional path of the author and the college education(University of Phoenix ) she/he obtained that helped improve her/his abilities and skills and accomplish the author's long-term professional goals…
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Past Present and Future: Based on BS in Marketing
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Extract of sample "Past Present and Future: Based on BS in Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages A college education is extremely important since it provides students with valuable resources and tools they can utilize to become productive workers in the future (McGuire). The job market is no longer flooded with jobs in which the ability to perform manual work can help a person obtained a decent paying job. These types of jobs were outsourced overseas to countries such as China, Pakistan and the South American nations where the cost of manual labor is extremely low and companies can obtain as much as 80% savings in this cost account. In industrialized nations such as the United States, the job market moved towards a knowledge economy. The ability of a person to get a job and move up the corporate ladder is based on his educational preparation and multiple work experiences that help the person developed competencies and skills. 

In my tenured at the University of Phoenix (UOP), I worked on a Bachelor’s in business with a concentration in marketing. Before I started on this journey I know I had deficiencies in a lot of areas and I need the education to achieve my career goals. My formal education prior to the UOP was an associate degree in business with a minor in merchandising. I also accomplished licensing as a certified pharmacy technician in 1983. My technical writing skills were good, but I needed to improve my ability to evaluate a business subject and write a comprehensive analysis of the matter. My oral communication has always been good. When I worked in the hospitality industry for a catering company I got a chance to work with teams in which effective communication was an essential element of our job duties. Being able to communicate effectively is one thing, but I needed to develop the ability to formulate original ideas, improve my negotiating skills and presentation abilities. After working in pharmaceutical sales I was transferred to my current position as a marketing associate for the company. At my job, I’m getting assignments in which I have to retrieve marketing data to use for different reports. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Past Present and Future: Based on BS in Marketing Essay.
(Past Present and Future: Based on BS in Marketing Essay)
Past Present and Future: Based on BS in Marketing Essay.
“Past Present and Future: Based on BS in Marketing Essay”.
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