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Marketing Concentration within Extended Academic Programs (EAP) - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Feasibility Study: Marketing Concentration within Extended Academic Programs (EAP) Institution Feasibility Study: Marketing Concentration within Extended Academic Programs (EAP) Executive Summary The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) is a Catholic affiliated private university situated within San Antonio City in Texas…
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Marketing Concentration within Extended Academic Programs (EAP)
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Extract of sample "Marketing Concentration within Extended Academic Programs (EAP)"

Download file to see previous pages This university offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program through its EAP program. This BSBA has seven courses: accounting, banking and finance, General Business, marketing, information systems, international business, and management. The major marketing concentration this institution offers is the ‘General’ specialization. The other four concentrations are; Data mining and social marketing, healthcare marketing, call center/CRM and tourism/Sport. Due to the dynamic nature of today’s marketing environment, most universities and students are searching for courses and specializations that will assure them of immediate placements in the job market. Most of the concentrations in the Marketing specializations were designed to meet the dynamic and ever changing needs of the economy. Specializations like healthcare marketing; a rare and unique combination, was seen necessary to meet the needs of the dynamic healthcare environment due to the numerous reforms that have been seen. Due to these facts, this paper provides a feasibility study that assesses UIW EAP’s ability and viability to offer healthcare marketing specialization within its BSBA Program. ...
This paper provides a feasibility study assessing UIW EAP’s ability and viability to offer healthcare marketing specialization within its BSBA Program. Healthcare Marketing Healthcare marketing has provided an avenue through which advancements in health-protecting services like insurance and medicine can be widely known (Fortenberry, 2010). The current shift of provision of healthcare information from provider-dominated to patient-directed makes healthcare marketing a necessity in today’s world. According to Fortenberry (2011), success strategies in healthcare have their roots in result-based healthcare marketing (p. 87). Healthcare marketing provides an effective avenue through which healthcare entities can promote themselves through utilizing a variety of methods to entice their customers to purchase and consume their health products. In this information frenzy age, majority of people can self-diagnose themselves, a strategy which helps to reduce the strain on healthcare institutions (Vitberg, 2006). In this respect healthcare marketing is a necessity in this present age. Concerning UIW EAP’s ability and viability of offering healthcare marketing on top of its current general marketing concentration, the following aspects were realized. These facts were obtained from; interviews conducted where the students and lectures were involved, job searches, empirical research and through analysis of data within the city of San Antonio. Realization of Market Issues a. Likelihood of Finding a Job Of the specializations in marketing that is; data mining and social marketing, healthcare marketing, call center/CRM, general and tourism/Sport; healthcare marketing and tourism/sport marketing majors, offers high chances for undergraduates to find jobs in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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