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Are The Degree Programs In Business Administration Sufficiently Rigorous Academically, Compared To Other Programs - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Are the degree programs in Business Administration sufficiently rigorous academically, compared to other programs? A degree program in Business Administration, just like any other doctorate, is based on research, its main concentration being the development of advance research skills in a specified area, both theoretically, as well as practically…
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Are The Degree Programs In Business Administration Sufficiently Rigorous Academically, Compared To Other Programs
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Download file to see previous pages Whereas the word, "doctoral" is in most cases used only to describe a PhD program, there are several other degrees which are doctoral degrees, and this include the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD), Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and Doctor of Education (EdD). Although the degree is a platform for the advancement in careers relating to research, consulting, or business administration, most students who undertake the PhD programs promote specializing in a critical dimension such as accounting, finance or marketing (Cass 8). Students wishing to improve their academic careers because, the PhD is the doctorate that is commonly pursing this. On the other hand, the Doctor of Business Administration, also known as DBA, is formulated to equip business executives with skills required in pursuing business, as well as public administration careers, which entails enhanced research skills, along with their qualifications. Apart from that, some of these programs can serve as go between in careers within academia. The Doctor of Business Administration is intended to present business executives with requirements needed to succeed in conducting business, as well as public administration careers that require more developed research skills, along with their qualifications. On the other hand, some of these DBA programs may serve as pathways into careers within academia (Cass 9). The comparability of these two programs is more than their diversity, however, the main difference between a business PhD program and a DBA program originates in the way the two programs are oriented, along with the desired outcome. A PhD program focuses on the development of a new theory, while, on the other hand, DBA, focuses on applying theoretical knowledge in order to make progression of a business practice. Another stunning difference between a PhD and a doctoral is that, although all PHD degrees are doctorates, not all doctorate degrees qualify to be PhDs (Crocker 45). PhD programs are meant to describe programs whose priority is on research, while, on the other hand, the purpose of doctoral programs is to master research program, as well as professional practices. Even so, both DBA and PhD programs require innovative research in the formation, as well as defense of a thesis. However, there is a difference in the DBA program, with some of them being more driven towards knowledge application, while others are driven towards knowledge creation. The same reasoning applies to PhD programs whereby some programs in business like Doctor of Management and Executive Doctor of Management follows this path (Crocker 46). The designation "doctor," denoting mastery of a certain subject, came from Italy in the early 1100s. However, the current form of the PhD came from the Germany university system in the 19th century, which was established to demonstrate that the student with a degree had accomplished original research in a field work; and this was incorporated by Americans in its own universities in the late 1800s. Contemporary PhD students are expected to spend an average of eight and half years in graduate school, making theses which are hundreds of pages long, while at the same time, performing research and mastering the literature of his or her field, regularly in preparation of a career in teaching in the university ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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